Kingsley Field

10706 Kingsley Mugshot June 2010
10706 Kingsley Mugshot June 2010

Kingsley FieldKingsley is a columnist with the Waikato Times in Hamilton. His Outdoors columns appear fortnightly, and he has recently published a selected 25 columns in illustrated book form. A second book is due in June. Kingsley can be contacted at  kingsley(at)

Oaks and Acorns – A Legacy

Flowers, Feathers and Flirting

Firewood Time

What Is Happening To Us?

Walkabout Season

Only A Hunter Understands The Joy Of Hunting

Blackbird Song A Delight

Young Tui May Become Noted Resident

Boundary Stream Reserve A Pleasure To Visit

Taihape Meal – Best of Country Tucker

Ohaupo Visit 

The .22 – A Hunter’s Companion

Planting Trees Is A Really Cool Idea

High Views From Old Arapuni Swing Bridge

Watching A Day Dawn Over A Mountain

Spring always a burst of brilliant colour

Pre-dawn Work Provides Tasty Treats

An Explorer’s Guide

Balhannah Birds

Beautiful Bridal Veil

Oh Give Me Land, Lots of Land

Old Men Should Cook

The Joys and Dangers of a Much Loved Pipe

Lone Tree Just  Part Of A Beautiful Landscape

Backpacker Lodges; A True Kiwi Delight

Liquid Gold has Aussie Farmers Smiling

Stinging Frosts Are Good For The World

Small Game Hunting and Fine Food

Nifty Multifaceted Starlings

Rainclouds have their Silver Lining

Mushrooms and Good Neighbours

Hidden Valley Full of Secret Delights

Article #1: Boys Being Boys