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gilly83 weeks ago

Unable to send. Has this site been disconnected?

aislingadmin2 months ago

Hi anon38, have just sent you an email.
Kind regards,
Team GrownUps

anon382 months ago

Why the heck wont this work. I have clicked send to the cows come home and it won’t send!!!! I’m desperate!!!!!

NanaGaye3 months ago

I hope you haven’t received my message too many times. I find it hard to know if the message has gone

aislingadmin3 months ago

Hi marion,
We have removed Roger as the contact for Seniornet Hawera.
Kind regards,
Team GrownUps

marion3 months ago

Rather a cumbersome way to make contact.
Please remove Roger Springett as the contact for seniornet-hawera

aislingadmin4 months ago

Hi jills, we will be in touch with you regarding this query.
Kind regards
Team GrownUps

jllls4 months ago

I just sent a photo for the Fiji competition but drop box failed and only half came out. I tried to do it again but you said you have already got it. Please advise how I can send again. It was one with two horses in front of pyramids sent this morning.

Barclayman4 months ago

I suggest you ditch Cigna Travel Insurance

jver864155 months ago

New email as above

aislingadmin6 months ago

Good morning loui70773, I have emailed you regarding this
Aisling, GrownUps

loui707736 months ago

please not my change of email address

jand857877 months ago

No comment, just want a change of email as above…………

aislingadmin7 months ago

Good afternoon nej-retrop, I have set you an email regarding this
Kind regards
Aisling, GrownUps

nej-retrop7 months ago

Your help with this will be much appreicated

program7 months ago

Like other posters below, I have also received message about the email failed to send – please try later.

lizzey8 months ago


aislingadmin8 months ago

Hi there, I have emailed your directly re: this query
Kind regards
Aisling, GrownUps

aislingadmin8 months ago

Sorry Dorothy, not sure why your message didn’t originally go through. We did receive your email message.
Kind regards
Aisling, GrownUps

aislingadmin8 months ago

We have unsubscribed you from our email system
Kind regards
Aisling, GrownUps

8 months ago

the alias you have given me is my password that I use elsewhere

electa8 months ago

Just wondered why my message to you regarding my account show “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.” It’s a straightforward query.

obese8 months ago


2374jeanie11 months ago

Could you please advise if you are still having problems as I cannot now get the Crossword and only some of the Wordsearch

Jayla1 year ago

Changed to Grey Power Electricity. Approved by Consumer. I have never had power cost as little.

chrishope2 years ago

That’s been updated now.