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Improve Your Mental Strength

Mental discipline is important if we want to keep ourselves sharp. Will power can wax and wane at times, so taking time to give your mental skills a workout will help you retain focus, achieve goals and be more successful.

Start small

Change requires effort, but it doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Any time you want to alter a habit, or create a new one – start small.  Take exercise for example – many people decide they need to start a new programme and go at it like a bull at a gate, only to collapse in an exhausted heap after a couple of weeks.

Instead of trying to find an extra hour every day, try adding an extra five or ten minutes of exercise to every day – over the course of a week, that will add up. Or, on the days you can’t find time, try and do five minutes worth of exercise at home (15 pushups, 15 squats, 15 sit-ups etc) – it will still add to your activity tally.

Similarly, spend five minutes doing jobs you don’t enjoy regularly, so they seem less like a mountain to overcome. If you stick to small, specific goals,you’ll be much more likely to stick to them and can celebrate daily successes…

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Yoga For Life

Look at this wonderful Melbourne woman! Bette Calman has been teaching yoga for the last fifty years, and shows no signs of slowing down. She first started …