Tuesday, 7 July 2015

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What Kids Want

Portrait of  child toddler, boy or girl, holding a hand of father.

Parenting can be a minefield. Are you children getting enough stimulation? Quality time? Social contact? ...

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Hollywood Gossip – Win Prizes


He's not only spent a lifetime reporting on Hollywood's trivia, gossip and scandals, but he counts many celebrities among his personal friends. Every Monday morning David will give you an exclusive weekly update on the gossip, scandals and trivia of Holly

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The Leg Shop

william leg

For the past 7 years I’ve been a patient at the Auckland Artificial Limb Centre. ...

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Kids Go Free


As adults, we understand that our vision may change over time and that we need to regularly test our eyes.

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Food – Energy and Nutrition


In the previous 2 editions of Grownups we looked at exercise and discussed some general points that hopefully were useful in helping to understand why exercise is important for us as we age.

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Modern Dads

Sixty percent of modern Dads reckon they are better at parenting than their fathers were and I think they are right. My dear old Dad was born in 1907 and he knew exactly what was expected of father. For example, he knew he was the undisputed head of the h

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