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Persica Roses

November is a busy month for rose enthusiasts as the first flush of blooms begin appearing throughout the month. This is eagerly awaited for by rose enthusiasts, especially for newer varieties that they have purchased so they can assess the merit or otherwise of a variety.

One such group of roses that has created much interest over recent years mostly for their novelty appeal are the Persica or Hulthemia roses which feature blooms with a distinctive ‘eye’ that sets them apart from other roses.

These types of roses are actually not new but are a good example of what can result from many years of breeding with them. Their origins trace back to Hulthemia persica or Rosa persica, a subgenus of the Rosa family native to Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia. The plant and flower are nothing special – a sprawly growing plant with few flowers at the best of times but they are different by having a brown blotch in the centre of the single yellow blooms.