Money can’t necessarily buy happiness, but friendship can


It’s the dream of many of us. A large Lotto win to set us on our feet, making money worries disappear and our credit cards no longer maxed out. The age saying that money can’t buy you happiness can be true, but a lot of wealthy people prefer the happiness they receive from giving back through their social networks and charity activities.

But there is a greater way of creating happiness and that is through friendship. Today we discuss the reasons why friendship is priceless!



Why friendship can bring more happiness than money

The happiness we derive from friendships is different than the relationships we have with our family. Unlike family, we choose our friends, looking for the personality traits, interests and most importantly of all, that we enjoy spending time with each other. Here are some great reasons why friendship is more valuable than money:

  • When you have lots of money you can buy lots of things that can give you happiness for a short time, but this feeling is only fleeting.
  • You don’t have to have much money to be happy in your life. You can be poor financially but rich in happiness through your friendships.
  • Many wealthy individuals spend their time on accumulating wealth that they fail to nurture relationships with others.
  • Money can’t buy real love and belongings. If we have lots of money and lots of friends, they aren’t necessarily true friends that you can rely on when the going get tough. Ask yourself, will they stay if you lose all your money?
  • The need to belong is a fundamental feature of human society. People who have good social relations, are happier than people who struggle to deal with these demands.
  • Friends cut out the small talk. With friends, we can talk about anything, serious or light-hearted.
  • Friendship helps us live longer, they give us meaning.
  • Friendship improves our health. When we have a strong social network, we look after ourselves better, seek help sooner when necessary. We’re also less likely to give up when we have good friends who support us.

True Happiness is not something you can buy but you can get great comfort in the people around you to live a better more enriching life. You don’t need to have money to be happy, but we still wouldn’t say no to a Lotto win!