The ultimate guide to deep cleaning your bathroom

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a bathroom that’s so clean it literally sparkles. But how exactly do you get to this stage? While a little elbow grease is important, a few simple tips and tricks can make all the difference. Here’s the ultimate guide to deep cleaning your bathroom.

Clear the decks

It’s hard to deep clean when your bathroom is brimming with clutter. From toiletries and towels to pot plants and medication, start by throwing everything into a box so you have clear surfaces to work with.

Get the washing machine involved

If you have a shower curtain or liner throw both into the washing machine on a gentle setting, along with ½ cup of chlorine bleach and ¼ cup of detergent to help banish grime, soap scum and mildew.

Pencil in soak time

Make your deep clean easier and faster by starting with a good soak. Sprinkle a cup of bicarb soda down the toilet bowl to help lift grime and spritz white vinegar onto any stains around the tub or mineral deposits around faucets.

Scrub it down

Tubs and shower tiles can be the biggest culprits when it comes to bathroom grime. How you clean your surfaces depend on what they’re made from. For example, abrasive powders like Ajax and tough scouring pads are great for porcelain, while enamel calls for a gentler approach.

Don’t skip the shower head

Did you know that your shower head can host mycobacterium avium, an infectious bacterium linked to lung disease? Banish bacteria by filling a small plastic bag with white vinegar and securing over your shower head overnight. Rinse in the morning and voila.

Blitz the toilet brush

As it’s a bathroom tool it’s easy to forget the importance of cleaning your toilet brush. This is a rookie error as it can actually accumulate the most bacteria. All you need to do is place it in the toilet and pour a little bleach over the bristles. Soak for 10 minutes, flush and place back in a freshly washed cannister.

Try eco-friendly cleaners

Turns out Mother Nature knows a thing or two about gleaming bathrooms. There are so many amazing remedies and recipes out there so why not start experimenting with DIY solutions? From baking soda pastes to homemade scouring powders, there’s no reason why your arsenal shouldn’t be all natural.

Sparkling mirrors

Forget bubble-gum blue glass cleaners. Cheap and effective, coffee filters soaked in 50/50 white vinegar and water will get your mirrors sparkling. If you want to keep your mirrors fog free try rubbing a bar of dry soap onto the surface, then buffing with a microfibre cloth.

Remove the exhaust fan cover

If you really want to get stuck into your deep clean don’t forget your exhaust fan cover. It’s used every time someone has a shower so it’s only natural that it should be coated in dust and grime. After you’ve removed it soak in warm water and detergent to remove particles. Wipe the blades down and reach the crannies with an old tooth brush.

Steam clean the walls and ceiling

It’s easy enough to scrub tiles but what about the walls and ceiling? A simple steam clean can work wonders and can also help to loosen up dirt on rubber sills and tracks. Simply spritz with an all-purpose cleaner then run hot water in the shower and close the door for around 15 minutes. After the steam has built up turn off the shower and wipe down the surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Of course, if water is at a premium or your area is suffering from drought skip this step.

Cull products

From half used bottles of shampoo to expired medication, it’s all too easy for bathroom clutter to build up. Part of a deep clean is tossing any products that you no longer use or want. If anything is barely used or worth keeping why not get in touch with your local hospice and see if they’re taking donations?

The final touches

Elevate your bathroom to the next level with a few final touches. For example, a bowl of wood blocks scented with your favourite essential oils. Or a few sprigs of dried lavender and a spritz bottle of homemade air freshener.

Do you have any tried and tested tips on working your way towards bathroom bliss?