Carpet repair tips & tools

When it comes to carpet repair, home improvement shows make doing it yourself sound so easy. While carpet repair isn’t rocket science there, is often a little more to it than you might imagine.  With the proper tools and these simple tips you have everything needed to determine whether to do-it-yourself or call a professional.

The Right Tools for the Job

Before beginning any home improvement project make sure you have the right tools for the job. Common carpet repair tools include:

  • Carpet Kicker: if you have to ask what it is then chances are you don’t know how to use one. Call a professional instead.
  • Knee Pads: Doing the job alone doesn’t save money if you need a visit to the chiropractor afterwards. Invest in quality knee pads.
  • Power Stretcher: This is like a heavy jack created just for carpets. It can be rented but be sure you understand how to use it properly to avoid major problems like huge tears in the carpet or holes in the walls.
  • Seam Tape and Iron: Unless you plan to live with a job that looks like a mosaic, seam tape and an iron are essential to a finished appearance.
  • Tackless Strip: These inexpensive strips of wood look like a method of torture designed to inflict small holes in  your hands; which is exactly what they will do while you tack the carpet down. Buy good gloves!

The Right Time for the Project

In addition to the right tools make sure you allow enough time to finish the work properly. Don’t rely upon professional estimates unless you do this for a living. Otherwise, chances are it will take you double to triple the normal amount of time to do the job right.

The Right Spot

Before making any large repairs test your work in an out of the way location like a closet; make sure you are comfortable with the work and that it holds up to normal wear and tear before moving on to more ambitious areas.

The Berber Factor

Berber carpet repair is not for the beginner. Despite its popularity, berber comes in many styles and fiber types which can be difficult to work with and even more costly to repair should large mistakes be made. From melting to huge ravel problems, consider calling a professional berber carpet repair service unless you are highly experienced in dealing with carpets.

The Right Person for the Job

Sometimes the right person for the job is a professional. Calculate the full cost of doing it yourself; including tool rentals and purchase, time and quality of workmanship then pick up the phone and call a reputable Dallas carpet repair, Berber carpet repair provider like Kiwi Services for a quote. You might find it is the best way to save time and money on a quality carpet repair!