Aging in Place

Want to stay put? Here’s how Solatube can help.

As we age, a home that we have lived comfortably in for many years can become difficult to navigate. There’s a lot to think about when improving your home to create a safe environment that you can grow old in.

When many hear the term “aging in place,” certain home improvement ideas come to mind: grab bars in the bathroom, wider doorways to boost accessibility, and other safety additions to help make for a secure living environment. What’s often overlooked is a critical type of improvement that addresses both those concerns and directly affects health and wellbeing — access to glare-free, balanced natural daylight.

As we age, falling can become a very serious health issue. One of the leading causes of falling is insufficient light in the environment. Since aging eyes require a lot more light in order to see, standard lighting often becomes inadequate. Artificial light also tends to be glaring, which can hurt your eyes. When natural light is introduced into a living environment, this non-glare light can create a space with less light/shadow patterning that you often find with artificial light. It is this patterned light that can confuse the eye, resulting in a stumble and fall. The National Safety Council contends that falling accidents are the leading cause of injury related death for people 75 years and older.

Quality light and a quality life seem to go hand in hand. When we live in an environment filled with non-glare natural light, we not only negotiate the terrain more confidently, we also tend to be less depressed, more social, less anxious, have a better appetite and even sleep better! All these factors add up to a much healthier and happier life, especially for people who are confined to an indoor environment. Additionally, having more natural light also reduces electricity costs – at a point in your life where controlling expenses is more important than ever.

So how will Solatube make a difference in your home?

Quite simply, Solatubes bring the goodness of outside in, transforming dull, dark & gloomy areas into beautiful spaces filled with pure, clean, healthy daylight – the ultimate mood booster all year round.

It does this by using the best natural daylighting technology worldwide. It all starts on your roof with a patented dome made up of multiple prisms and an innovative in-dome reflector that provides consistent daylighting throughout the day – redirecting low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture (perfect for south facing rooms) whilst rejecting the harsh midday sun.

As that light is captured, it is beamed down into the world’s most reflective tube, cooling the light at the same time. Specially designed lenses then evenly disperse sunlight throughout your chosen room, creating a beautiful, glare-free, naturally lit space – where you can truly tell the difference between your blues and blacks!

No UVA or UVB rays can get through either, protecting your furniture and furnishings such as carpet, drapes, clothes and photos – not to mention yourself! And since no heat can come through the tube, this makes Solatube perfect for summer, where it reduces cooling loads on air conditioning units and helps them work more efficiently.

(Before and after Solatube installation – a home in Te Kauwhata, Waikato)

Solatube’s nationwide certified installation consultants will provide a free consultation and quoting service at a time that’s convenient to you to discuss all the different ways a tubular daylighting system can make a real difference in your life.

A 10-year warranty is provided upon installation – giving you peace of mind that Solatube’s daylighting experts are exactly that.

Solatube is also very proud they have been selected by Solar Impulse as one of their 1000 Efficient Solutions worldwide that help protect the environment while offering economic benefits.

To change your light and life today, visit or phone 0800 765 288 – we bet you’ll find yourself thinking you’ve left the light on!