Poem: Highway rendezvous

Here I am on the Highway

early morning on the way to town.

Heavy traffic all around me;

now I’m trapped behind a clown!

“Get out of the way you mongrel”

I shout as I swing out of line.

“I’m coming through, so bugger you!

The right of way is mine!”

I’m back into the traffic flow,

not many cars had to brake.

I’m ahead of that jerk in the Nissan

That was a smart move to make!

At breakfast my wife had shouted

“I wish that you were dead!”

How could she say a thing like that?

Was it something that I said?

Someone is overtaking me!

Driving a pile of crap!

Go for it you Minger! Stay out there

Tough titty! I’m not letting you back!

My IPod attracts my attention

as it squawks into electronic-life

Its a very forthright text message

from my no longer loving wife

Well it’s time to move again

get further up this bloody queue.

I’ll overtake that logging truck

it seems the clever thing to do.

There was no celestial thunderclap,

no shrill siren or alarms,

he buried his foot and overtook.

Death waited with open arms.