Old-fashioned cocktail recipe

The old-fashioned is one of the oldest mixed drinks in the world. Originally named whiskey cocktail, which became old-fashioned whiskey cocktail, and then just old-fashioned.It is one of the few cocktails which is made and served in the same glass. The glass it is served in is as important as the ingredients itself. Old fashioned glasses are a small well-weighted tumbler and typically has a wide brim and a thick base.

Twists can be orange, lemon or both (known as “rabbit ears”). A fruited version of the drink came into vogue after Prohibition and involves the muddling of a cherry and orange slice along with the sugar. We prefer the more traditional rendition that took hold in the late 1800s, that allows the flavours of the whiskey to shine.

old fashionedIngredients:

  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 2 dashes bitters
  • 2 ounces bourbon
  • Orange twist
  • Ice


Muddle the sugar and bitters with one tsp of water at the bottom of a chilled rocks glass. Add bourbon. Stir.Add one large ice cube, or three or four smaller cubes. Stir until chilled and properly diluted, about 30 seconds. Slip orange twist on the side of the cube.