7 favourite Christmas baked treats

The sound of sleigh bells is in the air, and that means it’s time to start whipping out our favourite grandkid approved Christmas baking recipes. From getting creative with gingerbread people to sneaking in a fruit fix, these are guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family.

Mini Santa cheesecakes

Have you ever seen any more adorable than these mini Santa cheesecakes? They’re so easy to make and the kids will love topping the strawberries with a dollop of sweet cream cheese and a dusting of icing sugar. If you want to make them a little healthier you can always sub Oreos for your own batch of mini cookies.

Trimming the Christmas cake

Nothing says “Christmas” quite like a fruity Christmas cake enveloped in marzipan. Rather than simply add a few sprigs of holly, why not let the little ones create an edible winter wonderland? From snowmen to igloos, marzipan is basically edible playdough!

Gingerbread people

Fun and creative, creating armies of gingerbread people is a guaranteed way to keep the kids entertained this Christmas. Looking for a (semi) healthy gingerbread recipe? We love this one from Cookie and Kate. Simply bake big batch, stock up on edible decorations, whip up a few different colours of icing and transform your kitchen into a gingerbread person workshop.


White chocolate holiday bark

We love this recipe as it’s a great balance of sweet and savoury. Plus, it’s so easy to make. The secret is to use good quality white chocolate. We’d go with Whittaker’s Coconut Slab for a real showstopper. Dried cranberries are great for the heart, almonds are packed full of antioxidants and the Rice Bubbles give it a real crunch.

Healthy eggnog

OK, so it’s not exactly baking but this healthy eggnog definitely deserves a place on our list. Kids will love shaking in the spices and creating a flavour all of their own.

Nutella Christmas tree

Creamy Nutella and deliciously flaky pastry? This is one seriously delicious recipe. And it’s surprisingly easy to make. Little ones will have a blast twisting the “branches” into the right shape. If you want to make it a little healthier you can always swap Nutella for an organic low sugar hazelnut butter.

Salted choc mandarins

If you ever had trouble getting the grandkids to eat fruit this salted choc mandarin recipe will make your life a lot easier. We recommend dark chocolate as it has a lower sugar and fat content. Trust us, kids and adults alike will be gobbling these down.

Do you have any tried and tested Christmas baking recipes that go down a treat?