8 ways the web will change your retirement

Retirement no longer has the same meaning it did a decade ago. We’re living longer and are in better health thanks to medical advances. We’re generally financially well off too and have access to resources retirees before us never had. One of these resources is the internet. It has revolutionised the way we live our lives and as we’ve moved into retirement, it continues to have an impact.

The internet has opened up avenues for us to explore, providing us a way of socialising with others seek our mew information. No longer are we dependent on the radio, TV or newspaper – the internet is changing our retirement.

8 Ways the Internet Can Change Your Retirement 

There are eight main ways in which your retirement has been impacted upon by the internet. They are:

  1. Online shopping – we can order anything from anywhere and have it delivered right to our door. This brings independence back for those of us who are unable to get around the supermarket due to age or illness.
  2. Online courses – learning something new never stops and we can take courses on any subject online. This helps with keeping up to date with new ideas, plus letting us learn more easily about the things we are passionate about.
  3. Staying connected – loneliness is common in retirement, as we lose touch with friends and workmates. As our family gets older and lives their own life, it’s easy to lose touch. The internet provides us ways to chat, such as Skype, social media and emails.
  4. Plan ahead – we are able to make decisions about what we’re going to do before leaving home. Information about things such as which shops to visit, which restaurant to patronise and even where to take a holiday are at our fingertips.
  5. Free information at our fingertips – never before has our age group had access to so much free information. The internet is an endless source of knowledge and something we can our too also.
  6. Saving money – using the internet lets us find the best deals, check our bank balances and even make decisions about our financial security from home.
  7. Convenience – the internet has made things much easier to obtain. We can now choose if we want to go and do something ourselves or have it done on our behalf. Ordering groceries can be done online, giving you the time to do something else.

Inspiration – boredom should not be something faced by retirees. The internet can offer us unlimited examples of opportunities from teaching, volunteering and even online hobby sharing.

How has the internet changed your retirement? Do you feel that it has had a positive or negative impact on your retirement? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts.