Why is pottery so great?


Pottery is making a comeback. Not only in the recreational demographic, but the art world is using this medium, too. Even the likes of Ai Wei Wei and even Picasso used clay. Apart from its latest resurgence in popularity, pottery is great for so many reasons. Not only does it give you a creative outlet, pottery is also fun. So let’s take a look how pottery will enhance your life.


It’s just so darn satisfying

Pottery is so satisfying. From jumping on the clay wheel and getting down and dirty, it’s like meditation – as you are solely focusing on one thing: pottery. All your troubles will be out the window as soon as you fire up the wheel and start moulding a masterpiece. Once you’re finished you can sit back and marvel at your piece de resistance, then pop it into the kiln – where the real magic happens. The beauty of pottery is that it’s multi-faceted. You can even try your hand at painting your pieces.


It’s great for mental health

As I said before, sculpting pottery is like meditation, which is great for relieving stress. Pottery is no walk in the park. Crafting your pieces can be as easy or as intricate as you want, as your skill level progresses. Overcoming difficult tasks is great for your mental wellbeing. Pottery has the power to relieve depression and keep your mind busy.




Easy to get started

Getting into pottery, it can be fairly cheap to get started. Hey, you can even start by using your grandchildren’s playdough! You don’t have to rush out and buy a wheel straight away. All you need is some clay to get started, easily available from craft shops. The beauty of clay is that you can keep reusing it until you’re happy with the result. At first, you can simply air dry your creations if you don’t have access to a kiln. Once your addiction takes hold you might want to splurge on a pottery wheel. There is likely to be a kiln in your local city that you can use when you are really happy with your creations.


Amp up your social life

Pottery classes and pottery groups are springing up everywhere. It’s great to hang out with people who share similar interests, fun to talk shop and help each other out. This is conducive to faster learning as you can all share knowledge. It’s also a great way to make friends and catch up on some gossip.


You get collectible items at the end!

Pottery and ceramics are highly collectible. If you find that you’re getting really good at it, you might even make it into a gallery exhibition and collectors from all over the world will want one of your one-off pieces. It’s no secret that pottery and ceramics can fetch ridiculously high prices at art auctions. But before you go getting famous, love what you do and the money will follow.


There’s something soothing about someone sitting behind a pottery wheel, starting with a piece of clay and slowly but surely takes shape and starts looking like a bowl. It’s mesmerizing for the spectator and the artist. Take the scene from Ghost for example. In real life, I doubt Patrick Swayze or some young hunk will sit behind you as you spin that pottery wheel… but it’s nice to dream!

From hands-on sculpting to using a pottery wheel, crafting clay is a fun and rewarding way to pass time, get creative and ward off the stresses in your life. There is no excuse to not get started; it’s so cheap and accessible to anyone who wants to get involved and the popularity has seen more and more workshops spring up. In pottery anything is possible and you are only limited by your imagination. So what are you waiting for? Get down to your local craft shop or do a Google search for a pottery class near you. You won’t regret it.