5 reasons why you should give kayak fishing a go

Avid fisher? Looking to get fit? Seeking a new hobby? None of the above? Give kayak fishing a go! This fun combination of the serenity of kayaking and, well, the serenity of fishing, is becoming a favourite past time of many Kiwis – and it’s not hard to see why.

1. It’s far more affordable than buying or renting a proper boat

Yes, yes, I know that we all want a proper boat in our lives, but let’s face it: is it really a clever choice to make? Boats can cost upwards of 10s of thousands of dollars to purchase, and how many times are you going to take it out on the water? Can you really be bothered with the maintenance? A kayak is great because it’s only in the 100s of dollars zone, it’s easy to maintain, and you won’t feel guilty if it doesn’t get that many outings each year.

2. Kayaking makes for great exercise

One of the things that I don’t like about doing exercise is doing it just for the sake of doing exercise. I like to get down and dirty in the garden, or walking the 10 minutes to the supermarket then trawling back with heavy bags – both what I’d term “incidental exercise”. The same goes for kayak fishing. Kayaking can be a good workout, and I love the fact that it’s to go fishing, not just for the sake of doing exercise. Having a paddle down the river even without fishing is a great way to see some new waterways too.

3. Those fish won’t even see you coming

Stealthy like a… kayak! When you head out on the water on a motorised boat, the fish can see and hear you coming a mile off – and often get disturbed. However, when you’re coming in on your kayak, there is little to no sound, and the way in which you paddle (if you’re doing it correctly) doesn’t lead to much disturbance of the water. This means you’re more likely to have fishies around when you get to the best spot!

4. You’ll be able to carry it on your car

No hooking up a trailer to your bull bar. No needing a 4WD. All you’ll need if you end up purchasing your own kayak is some cushy roof racks to affix your kayak to. The fact that you can take your kayak wherever and whenever you please is a big drawcard.

5. Fresh fish!

While many say that the catch is the least important thing about going fishing, we know that this isn’t all true. There is something about catching your very own fresh fish and then cooking them yourself later that night that is just so rewarding, not to mention delicious!