Why me?

Two candidates applied for the same job, both with similar qualifications. One was a local man, the other from out of town. The manager decided to give them a test to determine who was the most suitable candidate.


He left them to complete the test in the staffroom, then looked over the answers. Interestingly, when the results came in, they both had just one answer wrong, but for the manager, the decision on who to hire was obvious.

When he broke the bad news to the local man, Candidate 2, he challenged the manager. “How come if we both only got one question wrong, I didn’t get the job? I’m a local, I know the area and the people..!”

“It’s quite simple,” replied the manager. “On question 7, the other candidate answered, ‘I don’t know.’

“So what was wrong with my answer?” he asked.

“On question 7, you answered ‘Neither do I.’”