Ray Columbus: Showbiz News

From New York and New Jersey

The Boss Bruce Springsteen had  his one 'home' concert in the Giants Stadium postponed from the scheduled start because his fans couldn't get to the Stadium in time to see the show! The fans were so keen to see their Star that the freeways to the Show were all gridlocked!.Wow!…the New Jersey Turnpike (you've seen it in the Sopranos) is the maid Artery to the Venue and it seems that every road leading to it:higway and freeway was clogged with his fans!..so there's Bruce waiting to go on around 7PM and he had to wait until the fans got there! Bizarre!

The Concert started around 8.30 and of course the Monmouth County Man (Where I'm based at the moment..)didn't disappoint…That was a couple of weeks back..Neil Diamond was playing to a SRO audience at New York's Madison Square Garden last week for the start of his 'World Tour 2008'..a crowd by his own estimate of 18,000..loved him..he played all his hits old and new…including songs from his latest smash album…word fom Daughter and Son in Law was it was so great..he sang "Sweet Caroline" 3 times…..and talked about his newfound success..after some years in the twilight..recording hits, thatis! Wish I had seen it..I've got a programme!

Some word is filtering through to us about NZ's medal tally at the Olympics..From me reading the Herald online that is..not a hope of anything on the media here…it's all the US..I guess we focus on events through our own eyes too!..anyway congrats to the winners.Back in Enzed soon.