Why is a Handmade Persian Rug so Valuable?

Whether you are referring to a silk Persian rug or cotton Persian rug, they may still hold the same amount of value. This is because there are a few different factors that affect the overall value of a Persian rug, and which you are going to want to be aware of before heading out to buy your own.

The Value of a Handmade Persian Rug

One of the most obvious aspects that make a handmade Persian rug valuable is the wool used to create it. The more valuable the wool and the better condition it is in, the more valuable the rug itself will be. This is why if you do ever purchase an antique or otherwise valuable Persian rug, you are going to want to make sure that you keep it in mint condition if you want it to retain its value years down the road.

Another factor affecting the value of a handmade Persian rug is its age. The older a rug typically the more valuable it is, however this is not always the case. Rug prices vary depending on the age, and make sure that you do not get a chemically washed rug. This is a process that some dealers use to make their rugs look more aged, so you will need to watch out for this.

You should also find out where exactly the rug was made if you want to know the value of the handmade Persian rug, and so that you know, it is believed that the best quality is hand knotted in Iran. This is because the Persian knot is different from that of the carpets that are made in Iran, and the quality of wool is also different. It is for these reasons that the price of a real Persian rug made in Iran is actually much higher than that of an Indian copy.

These helpful tips will make sure that you have the most success when you are shopping for a handmade Persian rug, and ensure that you do not end up getting tricked into buying a rug that is less valuable than you thought.

First and foremost, you always need to check the seller from whom you are considering buying a rug, and ask around to your friends and family members to see what their opinions are and where they have gone to purchase rugs in the past. Always do your background on a seller before buying from them.