September 6-12th is Include A Charity Week

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Legacy TreeMany of New Zealand’s favourite charities rely on gifts in wills to carry on their good work into the future. New Zealand is an extremely generous nation and this generosity is increasing with the number and range of gifts that are left to charities in wills.

Include a Charity Week is a time when charities are getting together and raising awareness of the real difference charitable gifts in wills (bequests) make.

Include a Charity Chair Dianne Armstrong said, “Large and small charities all benefit from Kiwi generosity and, contrary to popular belief, bequests are not just for the rich and famous! Over 60 charities have joined together to form a united voice behind a campaign week that provides so much social good for our communities.
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Forest and Bird New Zealand receive a range of bequests each year. From individuals who gift a significant portion of their estate to those who bequest a few hundred dollars and even in one case the gift of a hand carved owl, the charity appreciates every single contribution. “Nature is such a big part of life in New Zealand,” says Jess Winchester, Forest & Bird’s Bequests Manager, “it really is a privilege to be able to carry out the wishes of our donors who want to protect the environment for future generations.”

Include a CharityAt the Heart Foundation of New Zealand a current donor’s on going support came about after her father died prematurely from a heart attack. Although it happened decades ago, the donor says that she wanted to make a difference to ensure that other families could stay together for longer. She also supports a number of other major causes (including Alzheimers New Zealand, Asthma New Zealand, the Foundation of the Blind and the Red Cross) and has included all of these charities in her will to support long after she has gone.


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Ask your preferred charity for more information on leaving a bequest to them in your will. Alternatively talk to your solicitor or trustee company

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