Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Bureau Auckland City Incorporated (CABAC)
CABAC provides a free, independent, friendly, advisory
service to the general public through its 13 branches spread across the Auckland City Council area. Our trained volunteers speak 32 different languages making our information even more accessible. The breadth of questions we answer is too great to list but includes advice on:

• consumer rights
• budgeting
• alcohol and drugs
• work and employment
• sexual abuse, bullying, harassment
• personal and family issues
• health & welfare
• legal advice
• disputes (including neighbourhood disputes and noise complaints) and human rights
• education and training
• tenancy and flatting
• legal ages
• hobbies, sports
• social activities
• local information
• immigration

Our reputation goes before us and increasingly we are being approached by other organisations to form collaborative relationships with them. As well as providing information, CABAC Branches provide an accessible venue where other organisations can offer their services, such as:

• Justice of the Peace Service
• Inland Revenue Clinics
• Legal Advice Clinics
• Budgeting Service
• Counselling Service
• Food Bank and / or Food Bank referral

There are 87 Bureaux currently operating New Zealand-wide and dealing with 600,000 queries a year – one every 12 seconds of every working day. CABAC Branches have been responsible for attending to 150,000 of these enquiries. 

We take pride in belonging to the First City of the Pacific and providing it with a first-class information service available in 35 different languages. We are an integral component of Auckland City services, spanning, as we do, the differing social, ethnic, business and community strata.