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Wearable tech

The Best Fitness Technology for Training and Exercise

Gone are the days when you could eat and drink whatever you want without so much as gaining a kilo. As we all know, it’s important to maintain a healthy exercise routine, whether that be a long walk, quick jog or workout at the gym.

And as we get older, it’s more and more important to listen to our bodies when we exercise. One way to do that? Wearable technology and fitness apps.

What do you mean by “wearable tech”?

Nowadays, everyone seems to be plugging into some device while they exercise. From your Fitbit to your Apple Watch to your heart rate band — wearable tech has quickly become a staple workout accessory (they’ve even got socks that can track your workout).

Wearables hit the market about a decade ago and have since then expanded to include fitness watches, heart rate armbands, and fitness apps. These devices analyse your body movements and provide info on:

  • Step counts
  • Heart rates
  • Calorie tracking
  • Workout schedules
  • Fitness alerts and reminders

Among the most popular are fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch, and when it comes to apps for your phone or tablet, Runkeeper is a favourite.

The market for wearable tech is growing more and more popular. If you’ve tended to steer clear from wearables and fitness tech, now’s the time to embrace it.

So what kind of benefit can you get out of this technology?

Let’s take a look…

Plug into your heart rate

A key feature of most fitness trackers and watches is heart rate monitoring. Being able to know your heart rate is a huge bonus to your workout. It’s a good indication of your fitness level.

Rest and recovery are key to avoiding injury and maintaining healthy fitness routines. Heart rate monitors can tell you when you need to take a break and rest for a bit. Measuring your BPM will also ensure you get a full and proper warm down.

Quick tip: after your workout, take 2-3mins to track your heart rate. Knowing how long it takes for your heart rate to return to normal is a good indication of your fitness progress.

Track your fitness from your wrist

The fitness tracker has become a popular choice for people that want an all-rounder wearable. Fitbit’s trackers have dominated the wearable market and for good reason. Their trackers let you track activity, exercise, sleep, weight and diet all on simple watch-like screen. Not to mention sleek design and fit. Like other trackers, you can monitor how many steps you’ve taken and your heart rate.

Depending on what features you want and how much you are looking to spend, FitBit has a variety of trackers, ranging from under $100 to $300.

With these fitness trackers, you’re not getting some chunky watch that’s going to weigh you down. They’re designed to be seamless and lightweight so that they fit easily into your own workout routine, whether that be a long stroll around the park or a jog on the beach.

Quick tip: For fitness trackers like Fitbit, make sure you calibrate when you first get it. This means entering details about your weight, fitness levels, etc. Some trackers also get you to do a quick fitness test to see where you’re at.

Fitness apps that are easy to use

If you’re not looking to invest in a fitness tracker, if you are a walker or a runner then a fitness app like Runkeeper is another great option. You can download it on your smartphone, and it lets you track your fitness, create goals and even sends you friendly reminders (helpful for those days when you need a little push to get off the couch).

All you need to do is bring along your phone when you workout and runkeeper tracks your activity using your phone’s GPS.

While it shows step count and distance, one of the best features of apps like Runkeeper is that it shows your overall progress and keeps you updated with your fitness. You can track how you’ve done week by week or month by month.

Are you looking to try out wearables?

When it comes down to it, wearable tech isn’t meant to complicate. It’s designed to make your life easier, with simple displays and seamless design. While we’ve focused on fitness devices, there are also a lot of great health monitors that give you a bit more insight into your body.

More and more active people are embracing these devices and apps as a way to track their daily activities and stay in tune with their bodies. Why not try out wearable tech today?

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