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The #1 key to solving painful sexual positions for older adults

Can something as simple as changing your walk really give you more sexual gratification?
Solving the cause rather than treating the symptoms. 
While sex can become more challenging as you age, it’s important to end the alignment problem which is causing problems with your preferred sexual positions. Most articles focus on what you can do to treat the symptoms of poor sexual health as  you age and explain how to have better sex. They focus on the best sexual position for an older man or women and the best sex positions for older lovers… without taking into account that if you solve the misalignment problem, you can often solve the pain-related problems which prevent your favourite sexual position!

If you solve the misalignment problem and you can more easily engage in your favourite sexual positions regardless of your age. This can help an older man retain a strong erection and assist in controlling the timing of his ejaculation. It enables his partner to more easily reach climax.

The biggest contributor toward ongoing knee, back, hip and neck pain isn’t necessarily caused by an old injury. And it’s not simply a wear and tear issue. Often, it’s caused by an ongoing misalignment which hasn’t been corrected after the original injury healed.

Even a small injury such as a sprained ankle can eventually result in back pain, or a sore knee on the other leg. While this pain may seem to be unrelated, it is often due to the misalignment of your natural gait. This occurred while you were coping with the pain related to something as minor as a sprained ankle!

Change The Way You Walk – So You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Sexual Positions

Human beings are “sprung” creatures. Our joints were designed in a specific way so we can remain completely balanced while we stand, walk, run and jump.  Our most natural and balanced position is to have our feet turned slightly outward. Think five to one on a clock face. This positioning also enables us to leap and jump – and to land safely. This is how our feet are naturally positioned until we encounter our first injury.

When we injure ourselves we adjust the way we walk to favour that injury. For example, if you hurt your ankle, toe or knee. When you walk, you look down and carefully lift your leg forward and then place your foot down. When you look down at your feet when you walk, you will usually place one or both feet in a straight line. This will misalign your ankle joint and load up your knee. This imbalance can then affect the alignment of the rest of your spine. If your tailbone goes out because you’re left foot is straight when you’re walking, it can cause ongoing pain in your opposite knee!

The same happens when you hurt your back or neck or head. Walking is painful, so you walk slowly and carefully. You often have to pause in between steps because you feel off-balance. This balance issue is often caused by one or both of your feet pointing forward (instead of being splayed outward which naturally provides balance and stability.)

Have You Ever Noticed How Unbalanced You Are When You Have An Injury? 

Now you know why. It’s because one or both feet are facing forward instead of outward. You can go to a chiropractor (and I recommend that you do if you have pain problems) but if you don’t fix the way that you walk, you will continue to have ongoing pain problems.

This is why sex becomes so painful as a person ages – you’ve endured a lifetime of minor injuries which have resulted in a complete change of gait. Solve the gait issue, and apply my unique technique to solve the inner vaginal dryness issue which so many women over 40 experience, and you can restore a satisfying sex life well into your eighties.

How To Solve The Alignment Issue So You Can Maintain A Great Sex Life

To maintain a great sex life, you need to correctly align your focus. This includes inside as well as outside the bedroom! You can eliminate a lot of joint pain by adjusting how you walk. Whenever you are walking, focus your attention on splaying your feet slightly outward. Think five to one on a clock face. Initially, you will need to look at your feet every now and then to make sure your feet haven’t turned back in out of habit. It can help to imagine you are drawing a straight line forward with each ankle bone as you step forward.

Hinge from your waist as you walk. This will initiate the forward movement. This natural hinge action at your waist (when your feet are turned out) aligns and lubricates the joints from your feet to the top of your skull. Roll each foot from heel to the toe. Allow your arms to be relaxed – your arms will sway with the opposite leg by the natural hinge created at the waist. As you step forward on your right, the hinge at your waist will also swing your left arm forward. Like a marching girl, but with the hinge at your waist initiating all movement.

You may find this technique rapidly resolves many of your pain issues.* Another thing to take into consideration are the foods you eat. The foods you should avoid if you want to have great sex also apply to maintaining healthy and mobile joints.

In Summary

The best sexual positions for couples over 50 require some forethought as well as hindsight! Prepare for sex by solving any issues with your gait. Gain the right procedures for solving sexual dysfunctions such as weak erections, early ejaculation, vaginal dryness and problems achieving orgasm so sex is enjoyable for both partners. Sex can be enjoyed well into your eighties and nineties when you have the correct strategies in place.

*Disclaimer: I was taught this unique method of walking by my Tohunga (native teacher, mentor). He overcame a severe back, head and foot injury with this method he developed, after he was told by the medical specialists that he would probably never walk again. That accident was over 35 years ago. He’s now 68, fully mobile, and most people think he’s younger than 50. He shares this method with every person he sees who is “walking funny” and has helped many of them significantly reduce pain problems.


This article was originally posted on Jacqui’s website as The 3 Best Sexual Positions for Couples Over 50.


By Jacqui Olliver

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