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Eugene Moreau – Beware of the Dream Busters (Part I)

There's tremendous power in your dreams and in your imagination and in your creativity. Everybody needs a dream for life. It is psychologically healthy.

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Warning!!! It will take you about 5 minutes to read this blog posting and it will most likely be the most important five minutes you will ever invest. I invite you to take it seriously.

Einstein said, "Imagination is more important that knowledge."

Napoleon said, "Imagination rules the world."

There's tremendous power in your dreams and in your imagination and in your creativity.  Everybody needs a dream for life.  It is psychologically healthy.

But I have learnt over the last 20 years that our dreams are a target for the 'dream buster family' – which has five members in it and I want to share it with you today.

Here they are:

FAMILY can be a dream buster.

Sometimes when you've got a dream the best thing to do is just keep quiet about it around those people who aren't going to be a part of the solution.  They're just going to be critics.  Sometimes a brother, sister, other, father, or cousin will come along and say, "Who do you think you are?  You can’t do that! You’re just so-and-so!"

FRIENDS can be dream busters.

The fact is, psychologists have known this for years; we tend to perform at about the same level as the people who are close around us.  Chose your friends carefully.  You can't sore with the eagles if you're running with the turkeys.  You've got to know who the people are around you.

There’s a great saying, "He who walks with the wise is wise." Sometimes the people you walk with will try to bust your dream. Friends often try to influence you to be more like them instead of being more like who you want to be.  Remember this, "Bad company corrupts good character are dead set on busting your dreams.”

FATIGUE can be a dream buster.

Sometimes we're just too tired to be creative.  We get so busy that we don't have time for long range planning.  You get so busy in the now you can't think about what's ten years ahead.  You get tired and you lose your interest and your vision starts to shrink and you get burned out and you settle for second best.

You don't want to give up on your dream when all you need is a little rest.  You don't drop your dream because you’re tired! Never make a major decision when you're exhausted or depressed.  You'll regret it.

Wait until you get a little energy back, you get your perspective back.  Then if you want to quit and do something else, that's different.  But don't do it when you're down.

Don't make important decisions when you’re tired. Fatigue is a dream buster. Get some rest and then you will be in a better place to make that decision about your dream.

FAILURE can be a dream buster.

Here’s one of the single most important understanding I’ve ever come across:  If at first you don't succeed, you're normal.

The bottom-line is, you will not win every time!

One of the principles taught in the school of hard knocks is, “We build our dreams on the future, not on the past.“ Thomas Jefferson said, "I'm much more interested in the dreams of the future than reviewing the history of the past."

The past is over and I can't change that. But I can move forward and build on the dreams inside me. It might be made more difficult because of my past – but my failures of the past will not destroy my dream!

FEAR can be a dream buster.

With every great dream there will come challenges.  If your dream doesn't have a challenge in it then it's probably an inferior dream and within you is the real dream.

Never say no to a great idea just because it's got challenges with it.  Don't confuse the HOW part of having a dream with the WHAT stage of dreaming because you'll give into fear.  Remember; what and why always come before how.

That’s it for today.

Next time I’ll talk about a few things I’ve learned over the last few years about what you can do to overcome the dream busters and start unlocking a fresh dream for your life.


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