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Make 70 the new 50: The right supplements could help

We’re living longer these days, and with good health, we can plan active, exciting retirements, or even keep working if we feel like it. But not everyone ages at the same rate – some of us need help keeping that youthful spring.

Are you having trouble sleeping, with muscle aches that keep you turning in discomfort? Maybe you’ve got your active retirement all planned but your knees go on strike, or you’re physically fit but you can’t remember where you put the TV remote (in the letterbox?). You may find supplements helpful.

Those anti-stress B vitamins

For energy, a positive attitude and reduced stress, B vitamins are essential. Our diets tend to be too refined these days – the more processed food is, the fewer B vitamins it retains. That’s when a combined B vitamin tablet can help. Choose one that also has magnesium, calcium and potassium to help you de-stress. Take one every morning and notice the difference!

Magnesium for a better sleep

About half an hour before you go to bed, take a dose of magnesium, either in tablet form or as a powder dissolved in water. Those tense muscles will relax and the aches will ebb away, so you’re more likely to get a restful sleep.

Feed your brain

If your memory has been troublesome, you may need the kind of boost that curcumin can give. It’s the active ingredient in turmeric, so look for a supplement that contains that useful spice, and you can also include it in your recipes from time to time.

Joint supplements

If it’s your knees or hips that are objecting, a special joint formula can help. Look for ingredients like chondroitin and glucosamine, found in shellfish like mussels; they’re great for easing joint pain. When your supplements get you moving again, try walking more to keep yourself fit.

Fit and well? Keep it that way

If you keep well generally, and enjoy an active retirement, it’s a good idea to support that wellness with a multivitamin. That way, even if you slip up on the great diet we know you’re following, you’ll be covered for those essential vitamins and minerals that cake and a glass of wine just don’t provide. By checking the ingredients you can choose a multivitamin that includes support for eyesight or antioxidants to help resist cancer.

Eat well, sleep well, stay well

Nothing can replace a healthy lifestyle, an excellent diet and a good night’s sleep for helping you feel well as you age. But sometimes those efforts need an extra boost, whether it’s for better joint management, improved memory or a happier mood.

Adding supplements for what ails you can mean fewer doctor visits, less stress and more energy to do what you want, and make 70 the new 50 for real.