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The 3 best sexual positions for couples 50+

Conversations about sex aren’t always the easiest topic for some couples, especially if you’ve been together for decades. Even with new partners it can still be a little awkward to bring up the subject. However, sex is a big part of most relationships which means that you and your partner should absolutely be talking about hanky panky.

Whether you’re dealing with premature ejaculation, experiencing loss of libido or finding it hard to achieve orgasm, experimenting with different positions can often elevate your sexual experience to the next level. And let’s face it, everyone wants a little “O” factor in the bedroom.

While the body does age over time it doesn’t mean that your sex drive drops. However, you may need to make a few tweaks here and there to cater for your new physique. For example, in her 30s a wife’s favourite sexual position may be to straddle her husband from on top. Though fast forward to her 50s and after a few minutes her knee may start to hurt, which calls for a position shift. During this time the husband loses his erection and finds it difficult to get hard again. In other cases, the wife may work with her hands to get him back to full erection which could cause him to prematurely ejaculate. He feels guilty, the wife doesn’t get to climax and sex is quickly becoming a stressful event for all concerned.

The root of the problem is that while the wife thinks she likes being on top, the reality is that her body is no longer suited to this position. Pain or discomfort can often trigger sexual dysfunction issues, as your brain is sending conflicting messages. On one hand you want to harness pleasure and offer the same to your partner, but on the other hand you could be in pain or worry that your partner is uncomfortable. The good news is that it’s surprisingly easy to find new positions that both partners will love.

So, let’s start with the three best sexual positions for over 50s.

1.  The Plank Missionary Position

The best sex positions factor in the reality that older couples may have less flexibility. It’s also important to evenly distribute your weight over your joints. Not only is the Plank Missionary Position engaging and intimate, but it’s also easy to maintain thanks to the slight bend in the knees and even distribution of weight. The man’s weight is spaced out between his forearms, which provide a stable base. His knees are slightly bent and resting on the bed for balance, while simultaneously creating a hinge that allows for steady, rhythmical movement. Yes please. Meanwhile, the woman rests her feet on the back of her partner’s lower legs for traction. This prevents her from being “crushed” and simultaneously promises easy intimacy and closeness for both partners.

2. Spooning

Romantic and seriously sexy, spooning basically eliminates any form of pain or discomfort as you’re simply lying on your side. If you’re not able to manage the above Plank Missionary Position, Spooning is the next best thing. This cuddly position sees both partners lie on their sides, with the man’s pelvis pushing up on the woman’s backside. When it comes to doing the deed, the woman can either keep both legs together, or drape her upper leg over her partner’s leg to give him easy access.

3. Variation of Spooning

Finally, why not bring pillows or cushions into the mix next time you’re enjoying a little bedroom banter. Not only do they offer support to limbs and joints, but they can also help to create angles that maximise G-spot stimulation. Ladies can try wedging a thick pillow between their legs to create a clear passage to the vagina.

The more she rolls forward, the more her body weight is supported by the pillows. Cushions can also be used to support the upper back, though she’ll need to leave enough room for the man to enter. Draping her top leg over his can be an effective way to do this. He then enters her from behind on an angle. If you’re not comfortable using your sleeping pillows why not invest in a length body-pillow, or a handful of sexy silk pillows for the occasion?


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By Jacqui Olliver

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