Lyn Potter


Lyn’s Latest Columns:

A parent and grandparent.

A regular feature writer for the lifestyle section on the TV3 website.

A writer of educational resources.

A passionate home cook and collector of recipe books.

An Avid Traveller (both local and international) and always with a camera at the ready.

After many years as a Secondary School Art teacher I have recently said goodbye to full time work and am exploring new horizons as a freelance writer.

By nature I am a timid person but somehow my sense of adventure tends to get the better of me. In this I am encouraged by my partner who is always planning the next journey.

Mindful of the fact that we need to take care of this world and make it a better place for our kids and grandkids I’d like to live a more sustainable lifestyle and discover what this involves. For some-one who loves the good things in life I suspect that adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle will prove a bit of a challenge. However I have made a start by buying a bicycle, catching the occasional bus and am now on the lookout for a good pair of walking shoes.

At present our house is home to an extended family of two grandparents, one daughter and 3 granddaughters and a cat. This intergenerational living arrangement is proving to be fun and sometimes challenging.

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