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Horoscopes for today

Horoscopes for this week

Aquarius - Jan 20 - Feb 18

AquariusThere is something about today's adventurous lunar vibes that makes it clear they are not to be ignored. Even a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure being triggered is bigger than just what's possible now. What you're experiencing is the Moon's last visit to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery before the sun returns and Jupiter leaves. The journey the last 12 months has taken you on has been to get you to the point where you stand now. Life is begging to be embraced.

Aries - Mar 21 - Apr 19

AriesWhile there is still a massive aftermath from yesterday's New Moon in your work sector and this will continue to unfold, the Moon itself shifts a lot of the focus onto your relationships today. All of a sudden it is all on, as the Moon returns for its last visit to your relationship sector before Jupiter leaves. With the Sun now just two days away, the point you've been moving towards all year is finally here. When it comes to all your relationships, it's time to put everything you have into everything you do.

Cancer - Jun 22 - Jul 22

CancerWhile a lot of things are still evolving across the income, work and career fronts and in almost every other area of your life, the Moon brings things back to the home front today. And the pull is likely to be extremely strong, creating an urge to ring fence the people and things close to home. The Moon's last visit to your home and family sector before Jupiter leaves and the Sun returns, is pushing home and family matters to the front of your priority list.

Capricorn - Dec 22 - Jan 19

CapricornThe Moon has not only returned for its last visit to your career sector before lucky Jupiter leaves, but before the Sun returns. From the Sun's return in two days' time and Jupiter's departure in 13 days' time, there will be an 11 day crossover. These will be the most important 11 days in a decade for everything that has been building behind the scenes to be revealed. Two days before this transformative 11 days begins, the Moon is here to fuel your professional instincts and imagination.

Gemini - May 21 - Jun 21

GeminiThe Moon has returned for its last visit to your romantic and creative sector before Jupiter leaves and the Sun returns. In what has been and still is a lucky year for love, matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative, it's time now to start bringing things home. This final phase will take until December, but as your heart's emotional responses kick in, the message is clear. You're at the point where it's time to start following your heart.

Leo - Jul 23 - Aug 22

LeoThe Moon may have moved on from yesterday's New Moon, but what this triggered is only now taking on a life of its own. As Venus spends her first full day in your income sector she is not benefiting from the tailwind yesterday's New Moon created, but from so much already invested. Yet apart from the transparency, smart head for money and warrior spirit it is also clear that this is not just about money. It's time to fight for what you deserve across all the currencies in your life.

Libra - Sep 23 - Oct 23

LibraThe Moon returns to Libra once a month and you would think that it would be next month's return, as a New Moon that would be the more important. Yet by the time the Moon comes full circle as the New Moon that falls at some point during your birthday month each year, Jupiter will be gone. The Moon has returned for its last encounter with Jupiter in Libra until 2028. Forget what you want from your new solar year, the Moon and Jupiter come together today to get to the heart of what you want from the future itself.

Pisces - Feb 19 - Mar 20

PiscesWhile the Moon has moved on from yesterday's New Moon in your relationship sector, the most comprehensive line up of planets in decades is staying on to continue what this started. You have Venus in her first full day, the Sun in his final days, Mercury continuing to give your relationships a voice and Mars the courage to fight for what you want. If yesterday's New Moon was a chance to draw a line in the sand, then today is the day when the real journey begins.

Sagittarius - Nov 22 - Dec 21

SagittariusThe Moon may have left your career sector after yesterday's New Moon, but this is a bell that can't be unrung. You have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars staying behind to run with anything that this has given a tailwind to. For another two days every planet that will visit your career sector this year are all here at the same time. From your personal to your professional goals and ambitions, it's time to put everything you have into everything you do.

Scorpio - Oct 24 - Nov 21

ScorpioThere is a growing air of expectation and anticipation that you may struggle to put your finger on. There is a gut sense that something is about to shift, there is change in the air or that you're looking forward to something, but you don't know what. Weeks before your birthday month and new solar year begin a major new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion will open up. Now just 13 days away, Jupiter is encouraging some serious daydreaming and escaping into your imagination.

Taurus - Apr 20 - May 20

TaurusThe Moon has been drawing a lot of attention this week. From starting the week aligned with Venus in your home and family sector to yesterday's playful and romantically charged New Moon, your emotional responses have been driving things. The theme continues today as the Moon turns the focus onto your work situation and job matters. And the timing couldn't be better. Just two days before the Sun's return and the last before Jupiter leaves, the Moon has returned to fire up your imagination and to get things moving.

Virgo - Aug 23 - Sep 22

VirgoWhen your birthday month and new solar year began four weeks ago it was as a slow burn and with a lack of motivation. First impressions were that at worst this would be a dud of a year and at best, just another run around the block and a big yawn. Those first impressions have been blown out of the water and after yesterday's New Moon the future is alive with possibilities. It's time to take the future by storm.