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GROWING OLDER Gracefully or Disgracefully.

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Discussions Health, Mind & Body Age GROWING OLDER Gracefully or Disgracefully.

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    Profile photo of keit83462keit83462
    Member since: December 13, 2013
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    I am only 66yo and do not intend to take aging lying down!

    Medical research shows that aging is caused by DNA damage, this reduces the body’s ability to maintain and repair.

    BUT there is a cure for this! Pity it is ONLY available to Americans!

    How can they claim it is still an experimental drug when Americans can order it online! The researchers have repeated the experiment over 500 times without failure or side effect!

    How much proof do you want!

    Profile photo of don021don021
    Member since: May 15, 2012
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    I am 92 and certainly slowing down but still look after myself, living alone. I do not know ir it is DNA causing my dizziness and balance problems but my G.P. said it is veins in my brain thinning and starving the brain of oxygen, common apparantly in older people. Good luck with the American pills, if it is not a scam.

    Profile photo of TedETedE
    Member since: May 6, 2006
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    good to see the thread active again. Hope all you disgraceful people are enjoying life as Dr did.

    TedE - Papakura -

    Profile photo of doug139124doug139124
    Member since: March 19, 2018
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    I prefer disgracefully.  I was told in Feb I’m unlikely to see 70. Once I got over the shock I find I’m feeling bullet proof and a youngster again. Great you might think but unfortunately I don’t have the fitness level I had back then. My daily routine is up at 6am take the wife off to work to keep the cash flowing and me a kept man. Spend a few hours on-line checking my fav sites and forums then into the workshop to see what I will do today. Come midday it’s still time to see what I will do today! Then I sit down to lunch and the midday news. The cat gets into my lap and before I know it it’s time to see what I will do today. Oh, I can’t do that, it’s time to go pickup the hard working wife from a hard days work. When I return I’ll see what I can do today. Nah, I’ll watch the 6 O’clock news then water the veg patch. Once that is done I might sit down and figure out what I will do tomorrow. Oh sh*t it’s gone 2am already, might see if I can get some shut eye before I start figuring out what to do today the day. Where does all the time go!

    On the chance I get motivated to actually do something I usually work myself til I drop, which means this will be followed by 2 days of getting over the hard work and body damage ready for the next time I actually get stuck into some work or a quick trip to A@E to get fixed up yet again. I seem to have a permanent appointment with the physio these days. On a brighter side I do keep the local medical staff employed.

    God help the body when my E bike arrives, in typical fashion I will throw my body across it and beat myself up before I realise I shouldn’t be doing this, as again it will mean 2 days off crippled up waiting to recover enough to abuse the body again.

    It is funny everyone tells me I should take it easy, my Dr included. But what they don’t understand is somebody has to do this work and it is me by default. I couldn’t pay for something I can do, it fills in the quiet moments in my day. For me life is very much just getting on and doing what has to be done and sod the consequences.  I have worked and played hard all my life so for me to take it easy is something I know nothing about. Its full on or nothing, no in between. Yes I’m actually shortening the time I have left but at least I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself while there is work to be done.

    I was lucky to have done all the things retirees wish to do when I was young. I have no ambition to travel again, no need for all the modern trappings of life. I did the bucket list years ago when I could, luckily for me as I now could not do a bucket list if I wanted. I look forward to some piece and quiet to contemplate what I might do tomorrow! I guess my little world will change when my wife decides to retire.




Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)

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