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Global Warming – what are we doing?

Discussions Politics Today Global Warming – what are we doing?

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    monaaisle The despots eh? How many conflicts has The USA foisted upon the world. Plenty of billions  of $$$$for war and destabilising other countries eh? Where should we begin?

    Peoples Republic Of Christchurch

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    Exactly Doctor. Every one of the problems we face now are a direct (and provable) result of US and UK arrogance and utter stupidity.

    Self interest and greed is the only motivation of our allies.

    They have never cared about justice, equity or democracy.

    Greed is the creed.

    I wish people would actually research what they are talking about.

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    According to information in relation to  the case  “People of California” v. British Petroleum plc et al.”  an elementary error of physics has caused the global warming scare. An extract from the case reports the conclusions drawn by the scientists who discovered the error.

    “Conclusion: The anthropogenic global warming we can now expect will be small, slow, harmless, and even net-beneficial. It is only going to be about 1.2 K this century, or 1.2 K per CO2 doubling. If the parties are not able to demonstrate that we are wrong, and if His Honor accepts that we have proven the result set out publicly and in detail here for the first time, then the global warming scare was indeed based on a strikingly elementary error of physics.”

    I await the Judge’s decision with interest. But at least it proves that there is still room for debate amongst scientists. It is only those with vested interest who argue science is fixed.

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    Further to the last post an article reported on http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/03/san-francisco-court-room-climate-science-gets-its-day-docket gives evidence that there is still much scientific debate as to the issue of climate change.  For those who claim that science has settled the facts I would suggest they follow this case.

    District Court Judge William Alsup, who was appointed by Bill Clinton, is presiding. Prior to studying law due to an interest in human rights, Alsup was an engineer. He is well positioned to make a judgement on this matter.

    Alsup has taken the unprecedented step of calling on the parties to present a pre-trial tutorial explaining  the science that they will rely on in the case.

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    It is a legal case so one would expect each side to get their expert witnesses, who they pay, to put up a case that supports their point of view.

    As to the honesty of the case that is another matter as we know that the big oil companies have being paying their experts to deny global warming or its cause now that the actual warming can no longer be denied.

    We saw the tobacco companies do the same thing about tobacco.

    The second link was most informative.

    Cheers 🙂

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    True Hero, and there are also those who use the subject of global warming to generate funds so they can continue their research. They are just as biased as those who are funded by the oil companies.

    And then there are those who carry out their research as part of their education, working under the supervision of their Doctoral Supervisor. They have less of an investment in the findings of their research. Again there is differing opinions.

    This, I believe demonstrates that there is still debate amongst the scientific community. It will be interesting to read the Judgement when released. But as the case is only in the preparatory stage it may be some time before we know the outcome. Until then I will keep an open mind.

    Remember, one will never get the correct answer if the figures are wrongly expressed.




Viewing 6 posts - 181 through 186 (of 186 total)

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