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Friends in the Waikato

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Discussions Friends & MeetUps Friends in the Waikato

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    Hi Topsy


    If you or anyone else wants to meet up at any time or place, id like to join in too

    perhaps a meat 🙄 🙄 up in Cambridge. We have a new Cambridge member, perhaps she may join in too

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    Hi Don, there was another lady who had also just moved to Cambridge at the last lunch i went to. Unfortunately I didn”t get her details. Maybe she will also see this and lIke to meet as well.

    Lets see if we get any replies.

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    Hi Don and Topsy, i do remember seeing a new lady who had just recently moved to Cambridge, and wanted to join in, but i can’t remember her name, have gone back, but can’t find her posts.

    I will see if i can go to your next meeting in Feb.

    I have had quite a year with health problems, but on top of them all now. Have had 4 stays in hospital since Oct 2018, and 3 of those stays, have been operations.


Viewing 3 posts - 7,731 through 7,733 (of 7,733 total)

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