Friday, 27 May 2016
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Advice From A Hairdresser

Hairdresser trimming brown hair with scissors

Developing a great relationship with a hairdresser can be among the best in your life – a good haircut from someone you trust makes you feel confident and fantastic. When you find a hairdresser you like – pat yourself on the back and get their mobile number. That way, if they ...

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Solving Christmas Dilemmas

Concept of online shopping with miniature shopping cart on keyboard

With less than a couple of weeks to go before Christmas, a mild panic can set in if you are low on ideas for family members and short on time for shopping options. Wipe your brow and relax. It is precisely at this time of year when online shopping comes ...

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Web Chic (+ GrownUps-only offer)


  Web chic has nothing whatsoever to do with spiders and everything to do with convenience and clear choice. If you haven’t bought clothing online before, the first time can be a challenge. What if it doesn’t fit? How will you know if it will suit you? Online shopping is actually extremely convenient. If ...

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Great Colours For Winter Months

cup of coffee and chocolate in a scarf and chocolates candies

It’s easy to end up with a wardrobe fill of shades of neutrals and black. It’s chic, practical and takes you anywhere. However, when the weather outside is gloomy, a bit of colour is the best way to brighten your wardrobe. Texture can also add interest to a basic outfit ...

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Keep The Classics

Businessman in   elegant suit, business meeting

At any age you want to feel confident, comfortable in your skin and desirable. However women and men have so much pressure nowadays to conform and dress in a particular way once they reach 50, 60 and beyond. Seeing celebrities over the age of 65 such as Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton ...

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