Tuesday, 1 December 2015
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Togs for Each Shape


Buying swimwear can be a challenge. There are very few women of any age who bounce happily into a changing room with an armful of swimwear! So, given that we are far too critical of ourselves and our reflections, how do you choose swimwear that you feel comfortable in? Choose ...

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Web Chic (+ Be in to Win)


  Web chic has nothing whatsoever to do with spiders and everything to do with convenience and clear choice. If you haven’t bought clothing online before, the first time can be a challenge. What if it doesn’t fit? How will you know if it will suit you? Online shopping is actually extremely convenient. If ...

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Great Colours For Winter Months

cup of coffee and chocolate in a scarf and chocolates candies

It’s easy to end up with a wardrobe fill of shades of neutrals and black. It’s chic, practical and takes you anywhere. However, when the weather outside is gloomy, a bit of colour is the best way to brighten your wardrobe. Texture can also add interest to a basic outfit ...

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Keep The Classics

Businessman in   elegant suit, business meeting

At any age you want to feel confident, comfortable in your skin and desirable. However women and men have so much pressure nowadays to conform and dress in a particular way once they reach 50, 60 and beyond. Seeing celebrities over the age of 65 such as Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton ...

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Bright Eyes with Home Remedies


Keep the windows to your soul bright and clear by taking care of yourself and getting enough good quality sleep. Puffy eyes and dark circles are often a clue that you have been burning the candle at both ends. First thing in the morning, or after shedding

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