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Get Gaming


If you spend time each day on crosswords, sudoku or other puzzles, you aren’t filling in time; you are providing your brain with vital stimulation which can help prevent age-related degeneration, improve your memory and improve your ability to retain and access information – that’s not simply entertainment – it’s vital brain maintenance! ...

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Products For Independence


Independence is something we all hold dear. From the time we are born, we are genetically programmed to learn the skills we need to live independently, and independence stays just as important later in life. The conversation around aged care can be an awkward one for families, as the desire to stay ...

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Feel It In Your Bones


Have you ever noticed your joints aching more during the winter? Some studies show a strong relationship between cold, damp days and arthritic pain. Can the elements really make your joints ache? Many people say that they an feel the cold in their bones, but is it just an old wives’ ...

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‘She’ll Be Right’ Isn’t Always Right

The diagnosis of heart attack. Phonendoscope and vaccine with drugs. Medical concept.

When it comes critical health events, time is of the essence. New Zealand health professionals, including those at the Heart Foundation are concerned our signature ‘she’ll be right’ means we are not reacting fast enough to signs of illness, including heart attacks. If you, or someone you know, suspects they are ...

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Can Compression Supports Help My Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis. Arthritis or pain within a joint. degenerative joint disease. Cartilage becomes worn. This results in inflammation, swelling, and pain in the joint.

Who does Osteoarthritis affect? In a nutshell, anyone. However, as it is a degenerative disease, symptoms are more likely to become noticeable as a person gets older. It can be due to genes, developmental issues, nutritional deficiencies, mechanical reasons (overuse, trauma) or just general wear and tear at the joint. ...

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Immune-Boosting Habits

vitamin c

Are you someone who rarely gets sick, or you do you feel like every bug going around chooses you? While the odd snuffle is almost inevitable, there are a few immune-boosting habits which can help keep you in good health. Even during the colder months when illnesses are most prevalent, ...

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Stay Healthy Overseas

Refreshing summer cocktails and a pair of sunglasses on a table beside a swimming pool at a vacation resort.

When you have spent lots of time dreaming about your next holiday – budgeting, organising leave, accommodation and a getting a holiday-ready body, the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination and get sick. Once you’re on holiday, how do you stay healthy when there’s temptation everywhere? ...

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