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Dance for Your Brain

Senior couple dancing on veranda

Dancing is brilliant for your brain. A study, conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has outlined a number of benefits of dancing to older adults, specifically for brain health. The New England Journal of Medicine published the results of a 21 year study of senior citizens in New York, and ...

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Your Body Warrant Of Fitness

health check

  Health checks are essential. Early detection of health issues means they can be most easily remedied. A ‘head in the sand’ approach has never prevented, nor cured, anything. It’s fair to say that many health checks aren’t high on the ‘fun’ list, so it is easy to see why we ...

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Shop Around The Outside

Einkaufswagen mit Lebensmitteln im Supermarkt

Food shopping can be an overwhelming experience. Not only are the options endless, so are the messages on packaging. Fat Free! Sugar Free! No artificial flavours! High Protein! 50% of your RDI! There is a barrage of information, but what are all the claims not telling consumers? When selecting food ...

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How to Love Your Brain!

heart brain

With the advent of new and sophisticated brain imaging techniques, science has learned so much in the last few years about maintaining brain health – this, of course, gives the optimum opportunity for memory to stay sharp and reliable. Follow these 10 ways to love your brain, and your brain will ...

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Mediterranean Medicine

composition of sardines with various ingredients

Internationally, prostate cancer is the fourth most common cancer, and in men is the second most common after lung cancer. In New Zealand, prostate is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third most deadly. Diet and lifestyle factors have long been linked to an increased incidence of all types of cancers. Research ...

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Recapture The Joy of Exercise.

Poise Image

Keeping active and fit is such an important part of maintaining good health. So, understandably, people get quite concerned when they can’t carry on with their normal exercise routine. Something that holds many women back from exercise is light bladder leakage, or LBL. The thought of a little leakage being ...

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Bathroom Habits Exposed

a man washing his hands with soap

Did you know that kiwi birds actually smell rather offensive  (like rotting pork)? Some say our national bird’s aroma is a defence mechanism, to ward off predators. It seems the human kiwis have a bit in common with their feathered counterparts; a Rinnai survey about our habits in the bathroom show that ...

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Keep Your Hair Looking Its Best.

portrait of attractive young caucasian woman   face skin care in warm clothing  studio  shot isolated on white  winter snowflake

In the words of John Snow, “Winter is coming”. It’s still a battle with the elements, although instead of the summer sun to contend with it’s the harsh winds and drop in temperature. For some of us, this can result in dry lack-lustre hair, which may also feel windswept and unkept. How ...

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Winter Skin Care

Senior woman with anti aging cream for hands

Winter skin care can be quite the routine, especially when you’re unsure on the type of products available on the market to keep all areas of your skin in tip-top shape. Beauty is a billion dollar industry that’s always evolving and moving onto the next “best product”. During winter months ...

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Exercise Portion Control

portion control

If you are trying to keep your waistline under control, there can be too much of a good thing, even if it is healthy. Use your hands to prepare healthy fresh food, and to measure out the appropriate serving size. A standard serving may be far less than you think, ...

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