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Natural Sleep Drink


In this hot and sticky weather, sleep can be elusive. Many different factors, both external and internal, can influence your brain, hormones and nervous system which can in turn affect the quality of your sleep. Some people rely on sleeping pills to get the rest they need, but this is not ...

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Natural Health Pioneers


Don’t forget your Free Sample of Olive Leaf Extract by clicking here plus scroll down for a 25% discount on product. The natural health movement began in earnest in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. People started really recognising that taking responsibility for one’s own wellbeing through healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices was ...

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The Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract


Don’t forget your Free Sample of Olive Leaf Extract by clicking here plus scroll down for a 25% discount on product. In June 2015, Comvita® announced the results of a human intervention trial involving Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract (OLE). The trial showed a positive effect between the intake of Comvita®’s Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf ...

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Artery Alert

Wadenkrampf - isoliert

Aches and pains are often part of getting older. Arthritis sets in, the joint stiffen, we become a less flexible and even walking can become difficult. Its often put down to ‘old age’ but is there something more sinister that may be leading to the leg pain and difficulty walking? ...

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Put On The Beauty Spot In Malaysia

eine ältere Frau mit einer Gesichtshälfte die geliftet ist

Advertorial by Felicity Anderson The secret to Caucasian people looking more youthful as they age is to make subtle changes through aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, not to overdo the amount of procedures they have. That’s the advice of Dr Liow Tiong Sin, head of aesthetic medicine at Beverly Wilshire Clinic ...

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Malaysia Eyes Billion Dollar Healthcare Market

Health care word cloud concept

Advertorial by Felicity Anderson Malaysia is quickly heading toward becoming the number one Asia Pacific destination for medical tourists. The country has seen a 21% growth in patient numbers of the past four years. It delivered healthcare to 840,000 international patients in 2014. Sherene Azura Azli, the chief executive of ...

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Treatments Made Easy in Malaysia

mid age woman with correction mark for plastic surgery

Advertorial Getting “work done” – from teeth to breast to everything in between – while on holiday overseas is becoming more attractive to Kiwis. Malaysia has been outshining other destinations by winning international awards for everything from having the top dental and cosmetic surgery clinics, to the way it communicates with foreigners about ...

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