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Going Bananas


The humble banana is a meal in a moment and is better for you than you may know. They are easily transportable, inexpensive, low allergenic and really tasty and satisfying. Bananas help combat depression, improve your grey matter, relieve hangovers and morning sickness, and help protect against kidney cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and ...

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Gymnastics – at 86!

Gymnastics – at 86!

We love this!  Let’s all use this as inspiration to try something new today.  Please tell us in the Comments section below, what you’ve done lately that might inspire fellow GrownUps to try something new and make the most of today.  Thanks!

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Hands Up for Hand Care

Conceptual symbol of multiracial human hands making a circle on white background with a copy space in the middle

A good soldier will always look after their feet and a good worker will always look after their hands. Whether your hands are always busy or  have plenty of leisure time, a little TLC never goes amiss. Hands go in gloves for protection from all sorts of irritants – water, washing ...

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Protect Your Skin In Winter

Active senior man hiking in the snowy mountains

Freezing air and brisk wind can dry and irritate your skin during the winter. It’s important to keep your skin well cared for and protected, when the elements are harsh. Remember too, that UV rays don’t take a winter holiday, so make sure you are aware of sun protection, even when ...

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The Lowdown on Mammograms

Manadatory Credit: Photo by Monkey Business Images / Rex Features (1160484A)
MODEL RELEASED Nurse Assisting Patient Undergoing Mammogram

  Breast cancer affects thousands of New Zealanders, with around eight women diagnosed every day. As we grow older, our risk of developing breast cancer increases, so it’s important that we continue to closely monitor our breast health through middle age and beyond. First, a few facts A mammogram is ...

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Who Will You Wear Yours For?


When Daffodil Day comes around on 28th August, thousands of people across the country will be wearing their daffodils in honour of friends and loved ones whose lives have been affected by cancer. Will you show your support by giving a gift this Daffodil Day? Please donate now. Cancer Society provides ...

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Diabetes Volunteers Sought


The University of Auckland is seeking volunteers to undergo a treatment for type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes affects nearly a quarter of a million New Zealanders. Commonly also known as ‘lifestyle’ diabetes, sufferers have high blood sugar levels. Complications associated with diabetes  can lead to complications with many body organs. Even with lifestyle changes ...

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Dance for Your Brain

Senior couple dancing on veranda

Dancing is brilliant for your brain. A study, conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has outlined a number of benefits of dancing to older adults, specifically for brain health. The New England Journal of Medicine published the results of a 21 year study of senior citizens in New York, and ...

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Your Body Warrant Of Fitness

health check

  Health checks are essential. Early detection of health issues means they can be most easily remedied. A ‘head in the sand’ approach has never prevented, nor cured, anything. It’s fair to say that many health checks aren’t high on the ‘fun’ list, so it is easy to see why we ...

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