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Always Ask

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I was recently talking to a family friend, a very active an vibrant woman in her mid 60’s, who exercises regularly and enjoys a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. Like many people her age, she also has a few niggly aches and pains, which sometimes affect her ability to exercise. ...

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100 Going On 20

100 Going On 20

100-year-old Ida Keeling sets the record as the oldest woman to dash through the 100-metre run at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia. The New York woman celebrating her centennial milestone has been competing in track and field races breaking records since her late 60’s according to the New York Times. ...

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The Science Of Ageing

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Ageing gracefully is a state most people hope to achieve. Ageing is an entirely natural process, regardless of how we feel about it or that is portrayed in the media. At the heart of the ageing process are a number of biochemical changes. These changes can be supported in several ways ...

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What Impacts Your Health Most?

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If you want to improve your health, exercise. Regardless of your weight, research has found that exercise has more impact than dieting on people’s general health. Even among people who are obese, those who exercise regularly have a lower death rate than both obese and slender people who do not ...

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