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Have you thought about the shingles vaccination? One vaccination all people over the age of 50 should consider is Zostivax, or the shingles vaccination. Speaking from my direct experience as a GP, the patients I have who have suffered through shingles have often had a torrid time: extreme pain, blisters, ...

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World Heart Day

First aid with love

Today is World Heart Day.  Sadly in New Zealand, cardiovascular disease is our leading cause of death. Some of these deaths are preventable, so today, please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with ways you can help. Make time to have your own health checked and don’t ignore symptoms that could ...

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Our Young Are Ageing Faster

Young man in casual wear on kick scooter in park at sunset

Modern living may not be all it is cracked up to be. Dutch scientists have recently conducted a study (published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology) which found that the physical condition of today’s 30 year-olds is 15 years “older” than their parents and grandparents when they were at the same age. ...

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5 Appearance Medicine Myths 

Glass Medicine Vial and botox, hualuronic, collagen or flu Syringe on a white background.

Having worked in the appearance medicine field since 2007, I have had the pleasure of injecting many faces at many stages of the ageing process. I have also had an opportunity to be exposed to the vast array of questions and concerns that have come up around the appearance medicine ...

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Stress-busting Snacks

peanut butter bread with banana

When you can feel your stress and anxiety levels rising, choose your snacks wisely. Your body may try and direct you to the vending machine and coffee cart, but resist! There are far better snacks to help you manage a stressful situation… The body craves ‘quick fixes’ when it feels under ...

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Lost On The Way To The Land of Zzz

Woman of mature age laying next to big alarm clock

Insomnia affects up to half of the population over 60 at some time. There is little more frustrating that wanting to be asleep, but not being able to get there. Interestingly, unless a diagnosed medical condition or reaction to medication is causing sleeplessness, the most likely culprit is anxiety. Sadly, ...

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Boost Yourself

Books and a coffee cup on a windowsill

In a busy world, filled with family, career, friends and responsibilities, it is very easy to neglect the captain of the ship: you. Prioritising your own well-being is not selfish, it makes you are more patient, receptive, productive and well rounded person. Better still, you can do small acts of ...

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Help Yourself and Arthritis New Zealand


September 22nd – 28th is Arthritis New Zealand’s annual awareness and appeal week. Over half a million New Zealanders live with arthritis. It can cause much pain and is one of the leading causes of disability in our country. The mission of Arthritis New Zealand is to improve the health ...

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