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Tri A Boost For Kids

child bicycle sportswear

The benefits of organised sport for children are well documented, but a recent survey shows it is their self esteem that improves, along with their co-ordination and fitness. The Weetbix TRYathlon series is back soon, for the 2015/16 season. More than 200,000 New Zealand children have participated over the past ...

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The Ketotic Diet

Close up Freshness Marbled on Japanese Kobe Matsusaka Beef for BBQ On The Plate in Restaurant  , King of Beef

One diet that works (and it’s not for weight loss) Most diets are designed to help lose weight, and for one reason for another they often do not work well. However, one diet has been proven to be effective in a completely different area of health. It is called the ...

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The C Word

Big ripe red apple on a branch in the garden.

I don’t want to start out on a negative note, but after reading quite a few newspaper articles and reading social media stories lately I find myself asking why we hearing about people who are fighting cancer every day.  The papers are full of sad and heart-breaking stories. Many of ...

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Breaking The Silence Of Dementia

old photos and letters on the wooden table

Massey University Speech and Language Therapy students are using patience, skill, empathy and creative tools to help those with dementia maintain and improve their language skills. Lack of communication is frustrating for both dementia patients and their families. Often is it accepted as part of the condition, but there is help ...

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Children’s Eye Strain

Bambino con lente d'ingrandimento - Boy with a magnifying glass

Children’s eyes are precious. Most are born with perfect vision and eye function, but increasingly, children and young people are suffering from eye strain and damaged vision, according to research. The number of Kiwis seeking help for digital eye strain is growing each year, with some studies saying that up ...

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Are all Botulinum toxins created equal?

Botox word cloud concept

For anyone who has had cosmetic treatment with a botulinum toxin A product, you may have been offered any number of products. Everyone has heard of Botox®, thanks to it’s extensive use in the Hollywood community. That kind of brand association would have most advertising and marketing execs wetting themselves ...

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Talk To Your Daughter

Young Girl  jumping isolated on white background

Body image is such a touchy subject, for women and men of all ages. When you are raising children, or around them a lot, it’s only natural that how you feel about their appearance, and yours, will help shape their own attitudes. Little girls can be particularly susceptible to messages about ...

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Care For New Mums


Post natal depression (and antenatal depression) is more common than you think, affecting up to 20% of New Zealand mothers. Having a baby is a joyous occasion, but it can trigger a depressive episode and have a huge effect on the wider family. This week is Post Natal Depression Awareness ...

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