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12753-avatar 19 Oct 2007 7:45am #61
online Squirter

Member since 18 Mar 2007

Member from Papakura

Posts: 11685

Crikey Bobbity, Coliflower won't be very happy with you....Taumarunui.
Song, "Taumarunui on the main trunk line" I think.

And OKK, you are not wrong, cups and saucers are huge money. Every refeshment room nation wide ( and there were plenty) had their own insignia on them and this is what makes them very, very collectable. In days gone by, many a man has walked the main trunk lines looking for them. As kids we used to use the saucers as flying saucers out of carrage doorways for fun....could not break the buggers.


6048-Browsing_Abroad_1_1 19 Oct 2007 2:05pm #62
offline bobbity

Member since 14 Sep 2006

Member from Glenfield

Posts: 5611

Oh Cuss it all Squirt..That;s the way i spelled it first then changed it..goes to show eh? Go with the gut instinct.
You were all boy then .. what fun..flying saucers for real.. hee hee

3582-avatar_1_copy 19 Oct 2007 2:44pm #63
offline Belladonna

Member since 29 Jun 2006

Member from Shirley

Posts: 10092

"Belladonna, if you can lay yur hands on those very thick NZR cups and saucers they are worth big bikkies now."
They would be OKK,they would be...since I haven't got one about the place!

17317-glittery_gal 31 Oct 2007 3:37pm #64
offline grannyracer

Member since 30 Sep 2007

Member from Gisborne

Posts: 628

I could waffle on for ages about what it is that makes me me. But I'll spare you - suffice to say that after a significant brain injury, one's never quite the same person again. Not better nor worse necesarily, but definitely different. I was who I was, and I am who I am - fortunately for me, I'm happier with the latter than I ever was with the former.

6048-Browsing_Abroad_1_1 31 Oct 2007 5:54pm #65
offline bobbity

Member since 14 Sep 2006

Member from Glenfield

Posts: 5611

How great that is G/racer..you are showing that positicve side again, and I admire that.
interesting though isn't it? it shows how our brain affects who and how we are.


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