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Blank 27 Apr 2015 8:59am #13
offline ten bob

Member since 11 Feb 2009

Member from Palmerston North

Posts: 353

Histamine intolerance ?
try this article:


53709-MMac 06 Jun 2015 2:38pm #14
offline majorminor

Member since 19 Sep 2010

Member from Napier

Posts: 1751

If you want to try a natural method;
My sister used High Dose Vit C at this link on her granddaughter with great results.

Blank 25 Jun 2015 8:49pm #15
offline jcji87375

Member since 26 Apr 2015

Member from Blenheim & Districts

Posts: 2

Thank you Dutchy, yes I have tried Calamine Lotion it helps a bit but not for long. I have just been to a Herbalist today and am about to start on a few things from her also change of diet cut out sugar etc plus bread . She feels all the trouble is coming from my stomach I have suffered from relux for many years so this is the first thing she is working on she suspects this is the cause of my hives so I will post again if I get any help, need to get my general health under control eat more greens! Will let you know all the best to you to, Sorry to hear you had shingles that can be bad too and painful so all the best.

38625-Bunny_and_Kitty 25 Jun 2015 9:34pm #16
offline WuSdAtU

Member since 08 Jul 2009

Member from Woodville

Posts: 2

Thank you for sharing this i was told that the hives i get on my legs is Chronic hay fever and the Doctor said that nothing will cure it ive had it for 4 years it comes and goe's it it seems to love my legs lol the only good thing i can say about it that it doesn't itch . I'm going to try Liposmal Vitamin C .. Thank You


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