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Blank 04 Oct 2011 6:35pm #1
offline smart girl

Member since 04 Oct 2011

Member from Auckland

Posts: 1

I ask as my hands are inflamed with arthritis, I live a healthy life style love to garden play golf and paint yet I am cursedwith pain in my hands, I have tried various health products but none actually are that good. I refuse to go to the doctor for help and i am determined to fight this afflication and win.
Anyone else have any idea what might help?

53709-MMac 04 Oct 2011 7:27pm #2
offline majorminor

Member since 19 Sep 2010

Member from Napier

Posts: 1706

Have a look at this video Here
This lady has some good info.

Blank 12 Oct 2011 9:15pm #3
offline NickB

Member since 16 Mar 2010

Member from Johnsonville

Posts: 80

smart girl

If you are serious then check out the marshall protocol. go to http://mpkb.org .

here are two success stories, at the end of this page: http://mpkb.org/home/diseases/rheumatoid_arthritis

If you want to know more then send me a private message.

Nick B.

Blank 28 Sep 2012 5:25pm #4
offline Blerky

Member since 15 Dec 2008

Member from Waikanae

Posts: 5

Hi Smart Girl, I seriuosly understand from your point of view all about the pain that delibitates. I suffered for years and with the usual unsightly large lumpy knuckles and skew fingers. I oonly received relief after trying EVERYthing around that was supposed to help. I came across StemEnhance (SE2). It feeds the stem cells that are the veru foundation of our repair systems. Its not medicine ( so doctors dont always agree it works) and its not vitamins. It is 3 herbs and an algae in capsule form. It FEEDS our own stemcells so they multiply and go about repairing us. They - the stem cells got to work on my hands and within a couple of months I noticed the pain wass reduced AND I could open and close them with tears. Also i now am able to walk easily and my hands lookk as if their knuckle shape is improving.
So if i were you I would have a close look at SE. It works for me. I hope your quest for less pain and more health is ssuccessful. If interested have a look under Grownups Health then Health and Wellbing and then Arthritis. I have an article there about Arthritis and Adult Stem Cells. G'lucksmile

Blank 28 Sep 2012 5:26pm #5
offline Blerky

Member since 15 Dec 2008

Member from Waikanae

Posts: 5


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