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Blank 24 Jul 2014 11:34pm #313
offline pansycottage

Member since 24 Jul 2014

Member from Woolston

Posts: 2

Hi can anyone tell me are the more expensive dentures a lot better the one i have is terrible it chipped the first day i got it and within a month i needed 4 new teeth they took of 4 times once nearly out the car window that was from laughing and then once they nearly had to empty my local swimming pool they shot out there too i wear them as less as possible they have spent alot of time soaking!!! lol
Thanks for any thoughts

Blank 25 Jul 2014 1:07pm #314
offline still-raging

Member since 26 Aug 2010

Member from Somerfield

Posts: 63

I would imagine it would be covered by some sort of warranty as least as far as the customer guarantees act, so I would look into that. Some dentures are relined down the track but they should not be shooting out your mouth at the beginning.

4626-Grandma_as_a_little_girl 25 Jul 2014 1:12pm #315
offline Aggie!

Member since 30 Jul 2006

Member from Bishopdale

Posts: 4413

pansy cottage I think you should get in touch with still-raging, she has obviously had very few problems with her teeth. There is another person on the thread from ChCh who had excellent treatment and I know of 2 more.

17472-23638730 25 Jul 2014 2:10pm #316
away Silverfern

Member since 04 Oct 2007

Member from Te Awamutu

Posts: 9652

Hit them with the Consumers Guarantee Act which say the product should be fit for the purpose they were bought for......if they pop out and you cant wear them they don't sound as though they are.

Blank 25 Jul 2014 5:24pm #317
offline pansycottage

Member since 24 Jul 2014

Member from Woolston

Posts: 2

Thanks for your input people i guess i didn't really explain very well these denture 11 years old and have never stayed in my mouth unless glued my jaw was fractured when they removed my teeth so was nearly six months with out top teeth when i went to pick them up they were hideous huge teeth mine were small i actually had to go home and find a photo and the two teeth i kept maybe for the tooth fairy she didn't get them before they would believe me it was really weird they re made them but they were never any good it might be a tad late to take them back husband has had same teeth 30 years and just looking to replace them now so if someone could give me the name of that good person in CHCH that would be much appreciated i have looked but can't find the thread

84027-Pigduck 11 Aug 2014 9:57am #318
offline Kiwiana59

Member since 16 Feb 2014

Member from

Posts: 6

The reline will make all the difference but I bet you need another reline by now. Yes, I don't miss the prices of many things in New Zealand. So glad I have dental insurance and companies that do package deals for new denture wearers. From what I see it's $25 for a soft reline and $100 for a hard reline. I had the hard reline done after 6 mths as that is what this company does. All they do is remake the original liner and reattach the teeth to it. Haven't had to pay anymore for anything though as I bought that package deal.

I hate my new temporary denture, even my mother said it doesn't look as good as the first ones. I have asked dental company if I can remove myself from the package deal at this stage and they said I could and they would refund me $1200. I am going to take $600 of it to my old dentist and have them make me a new top denture.

Good luck with your dentures. A friend of mine just gets cheap ones done all around ChCh. However, she hasn't had the same satisfaction as my mother has.


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