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9985-Hogan 24 Jun 2009 5:56pm #49
offline old_kiwi_kid

Member since 26 Nov 2006

Member from Palmerston

Posts: 4810

And whether your family was the victim. I would cheerfully pull the lever on the lowlife scum who raped and beat my 76 year old aunty to death. I would then dance on his grave!!!!

36678-Seasons 25 Jun 2009 5:17pm #50
away Gigglebyte

Member since 28 May 2009

Member from Wallaceville

Posts: 2948

In the end, only God Himself knows the truth of these matters. There will come a time when all have to answer for what they have done.But the desire for vengeance is a form of hatred.It eats away at you like a cancer and can express itself in seemingly unrelated ways.You don't want to go there.

252 25 Jun 2009 10:38pm #51
offline Jens

Member since 03 May 2006

Member from Point Chevalier

Posts: 4567

In cases of brazen murder where there is no doubt at all , there should be no long court cases, and the choice of execution by pushing a button or whatever easy way, should be given to the victim's next of kin.
It is unnatural and perverse, that our laws are more concerned about criminals' rights and welfare, than victims'.
Perhaps a political party can start asking public support for an eventual - not rushed - referendum on it?

Blank 05 Jun 2010 12:13pm #52
offline Going-Grey

Member since 29 Apr 2010

Member from Northland Region

Posts: 3149

I think if the judiciary got it right we, the public, wouldn't have to consider the need of re-introducing the death penalty.

Last week a man got 2 year and 8 months for kicking a man to death. In another case, where an old woman got kicked to death the offender got 20 years. Er....hello?

And what about that Indian gentleman who died because some idiot couldn't control his anger? Again, 2 years. What do our judges consider `punishment'?

Take a life - get life.

And violent offenders (be they rapists or fist throwing thugs) should be removed for society for a minimum of 10 years.

I don't care how many jails we have to build.

In another life I think I was a `hanging judge'. wink

35559-otago_rail_trail_2_060___Copy 24 Aug 2010 1:24pm #53
offline Collette

Member since 28 Apr 2009

Member from Nelson

Posts: 596

I feel that "Respect" has gone from society and alot of childrens up bringing too.
I find it upsetting that a victim is victimised again and again through the court system. During which one hears "Oh how hard a life the offender had" tears, tears, yeah right, while the victim and their families are listening to this, quite frankly who gives a toss what their life was like they still made the choice to do the crime, any excuse is no excuse.
Yes I was a volunteer with Victim Support for 4 years. I neveer want to do Jury Duty, end of story, as I wouldn't be able to sit there without opening my mouth when the excuses came out.

Blank 24 Aug 2010 6:26pm #54
offline Going-Grey

Member since 29 Apr 2010

Member from Northland Region

Posts: 3149

I was on jury service last month. My sister is on jury service this week. biggrin

My sister came home today and said there were some rowdy oinks in the waiting area and no court staff or security guards went over to stop their antics. It's like even `those in charge' have lost the guts to deal with the scumbags...and these were the family and friends of the person up on charges! eek

There was a delay in her case, today, because the accused turned up wearing a pair of (hang around your bum) jeans and a t-shirt with a swear word on it. Everyone had to wait while one of his family went home and got a change of clothes for him. rolleyes

If it was me I'd have carried on with the trial and added a further charge of contempt of court.

Blank 13 Jun 2012 2:53pm #55
offline don021

Member since 15 May 2012

Member from Taupo

Posts: 318

when offenders are young, school age,as two attrocious acts committed in the Taupo area were, why are the parents not charged with " not having their children under proper control" It is the parents responsibility to bring up their children, not the police, social Welfare or anybody else. Too many children are living in homes without parental control today and until this is remedied child crime will continue.

59027-Bright_Spark 13 Jun 2012 4:11pm #56
offline BrightSpark

Member since 25 Feb 2011

Member from Papamoa Beach

Posts: 1

Yes we need to go back to the biblical way of dealing with crime, you murder, you be put to death. The court system is all out of order, & sentencing is just ridiculous & not fitting the crime. For burglarly of a store people should be made to stand chained outside with a sign around their neck open to ridicule & shame, just might be a deterrent.
And for those who sexually assault especially children, should have their bits chopped off.

Blank 06 Jun 2013 12:06pm #57
offline psychocrone

Member since 15 Sep 2009

Member from Glendowie

Posts: 2

I would probably support the death penalty for the scum that offered his infant son to paedeophiles for money, even though in principle I am opposed to the death penalty. I know that there is an essential contradiction in that, but that's how I feel. Yep, I could personally execute this disgusting father with a bullet to the back of the brain, I realise I would be capable of killing another human being, even though I respect human life. So the whole topic is riddled with irresolvable contradictions for me.

6604-_3_ 06 Jun 2013 5:19pm #58
online Fern

Member since 26 Sep 2006

Member from New Plymouth

Posts: 22114

Couldn't agree with you more psychocrone. There's some despicable crimes committed but handing over your baby son to paedophiles has to be way up there. The mind boggles! mad


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