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Blank 04 Nov 2009 9:22pm #13
offline Incredible India

Member since 04 Nov 2009

Member from Riccarton

Posts: 11

Post deleted at 05 Nov 2009 8:39am by Incredible India

Blank 04 Nov 2009 11:08pm #14
offline shanlit46

Member since 18 Jun 2009

Member from Taihape

Posts: 1

Hi Megsma,
I'm keen to travel to Europe & Ireland next year but wish to go via Trans Siberian Railway. Wish to travel with others for security, companionship & alot of laughs. Small group girlzone around the 60 age group. Need to be fit & adventurous. How does this fit with your plans?

Blank 05 Nov 2009 8:40am #15
offline Incredible India

Member since 04 Nov 2009

Member from Riccarton

Posts: 11

Post deleted at 14 Jul 2010 4:40pm by GrownUps Administrator

5043-t_shirt_design 13 Jul 2010 2:49pm #16
offline JKK

Member since 14 Aug 2006

Member from Te Awamutu

Posts: 7

Anyone interested in a cruise around the $3000 mark, group, double, tripple ect" in need of company/share cost, and a good time?

37826-Picture_126 30 Aug 2011 9:08am #17
offline Farrie

Member since 23 Jun 2009

Member from Whakatane

Posts: 1

I am planning to make a Cosmos tour around June-July 2011 of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland for approximately 3 weeks. I am looking for a reasonably,' walking fit' female travel pal aged between 60-65 as my husband is unable to do tour with me this time around. I don't know if anyone else has done these Cosmo tours as they are fast tracked and at times require a lot of walking in some places. They are very reasonable costs in regards to service and hotels and I had no complaints about the service they gave. Let me know anyway.biggrin

12947-annatie_002 26 Oct 2011 9:22am #18
offline MIMI66

Member since 27 Mar 2007

Member from Upper Hutt

Posts: 204

I'm looking for female to share cabin for two on a Grand European Tour, 6 July - 26 July 2012 sailing from Amsterdam to Budapest plus Prague. 6 countries and 4 rivers. Please email me anna.jones@xtra.co.nz or leave a message here or make me your friend. Cheers. MIMI66


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