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Blank 06 Jun 2010 5:21pm #1
offline Going-Grey

Member since 29 Apr 2010

Member from Northland Region

Posts: 3149

First off I had better say that I am in the Whangarei area.

As a single person I often have to rely on handymen.

Because tradesmen often try to rip me off (because I am a woman on her own) I end up using the likes of `Hire A Hubby' who were always pleasant and reasonably priced.

However, in recent weeks I wasn't able to get help for a few maintenance jobs and then I spied an advertisement for `AB FAB'

The man from "AB FAB House Maintenance Services" came along and gave me a free, unconditional quote - and provided me with written references.

He fixed the things that needed fixing and his bill was VERY reasonable.

I have since referred "AB FAB" to several other people who have all come back to me to say how good a job was done and how cheap he was.

My poor old neighbour didn't learn about my new handyman until it was too late. She got someone in who charged her $90 to change an outside tap washer. eek eek eek

Anyway, if anyone in the Whangarei area needs an honest, reliable workman who does a good job (and takes his mess away with him) I would highly recommend Quinn Patterson of AB FAB House Maintenance Services.

And no, he's not a relation. I wish he was then it would cost me nothing to get my little jobs done. biggrin

Quinn does everything from changing a light bulb to plumbing and electrical work and he is happy to come and give you a free quote.

I think honest, reliable and reasonably priced tradesmen need to be referred on. smile

Blank 25 Jun 2010 10:24pm #2
offline MrLink

Member since 13 Jan 2009

Member from Christchurch CBD

Posts: 9




Blank 08 Jul 2010 6:09pm #3
offline JimNaseby

Member since 07 Jul 2010

Member from Aranui

Posts: 93

Have passed this info on to a friend who lives in Hikurangi. mrgreen

82109-handyman_3_ 05 Sep 2013 11:14pm #4
offline Ab Fab 1

Member since 05 Sep 2013

Member from Whangarei

Posts: 2

Thank you very kindly for this glowing testimonial. smile
I always do my best- that's the way I was raised to do things.
Kindest regards,

6942-avatar 26 Mar 2014 6:43pm #5
offline kewlkiwi

Member since 06 Oct 2006

Member from Opawa

Posts: 12

Quinn, I couldn't find your name on the public register of certified electricians?
Bob. confused

82109-handyman_3_ 03 Nov 2014 7:48pm #6
offline Ab Fab 1

Member since 05 Sep 2013

Member from Whangarei

Posts: 2

Hi Bob,
I'm sorry, but I have only just noticed your question here.
If you had perhaps used Google & found 1 of my websites, you could have emailed me directly?

I am not a certified Electrician, I'm a Maintenance Contractor.
I do have certified contractors (Electricians, Plumbers, Drain Layers, Carpenters etc.) on my specialist contractors list, whom I call on when particular expertise is required.

I trust this adequately answers your query.biggrin
Kind regards,


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