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9005-joy_2 15 Apr 2010 7:13am #1
offline Joybel

Member since 02 Nov 2006

Member from Linwood

Posts: 31175

My shower box is around 77cm sq. I want to change the shower head to one that I can detach and hold when sitting. The unit is 10years old, so, would a new one fit without too much plumbing and expense. Would a family member be able to make the switch or should I play it safe and call a plumber? I thought a book from the library might help in showing the pros and cons.confusedconfused

11679-mona_manuel_resize 15 Apr 2010 10:50am #2
offline Mona

Member since 02 Feb 2007

Member from Mangere Central

Posts: 10395

E Mail your plumbers in the area and get quotes Joybel.And explain what you need.Some can be quite helpful.

9005-joy_2 16 Apr 2010 8:21am #3
offline Joybel

Member since 02 Nov 2006

Member from Linwood

Posts: 31175

I will contact Age Concern, Mona as they have been very helpful in the past with tradesmen. Thanks.

4626-Grandma_as_a_little_girl 10 May 2010 3:20am #4
offline Aggie!

Member since 30 Jul 2006

Member from Bishopdale

Posts: 4625

Joybel, I am sure a family member could do it. Make sure the water is turned off outside. Just had a look there are two attachments the sliding bar fits into and a third the hose comes from. Get them to have a look first, much better if you can get it done for free!! If the person is not confident then go ahead with a professional.

We have an absolutely miniscule bathroom, just shower and basin and an L shaped piece of flooring. We are getting new vinyl. A person came to measure it a couple of weeks ago. Another is coming in the morning to prepare the floor, followed by a third at midday to lay the vinyl. Youngest could have had it done by one person for cash. The 3 who own the house said "oh no, these guys can do it then it will be guaranteed." They sure don't user old newspapers under the vinyl any more but it is so tiny I cannot for the life of me see how it is going to take so long. Glad I am not paying.

9005-joy_2 10 May 2010 4:32am #5
offline Joybel

Member since 02 Nov 2006

Member from Linwood

Posts: 31175

Each unit here has the same kind of shower. Five of the ten owners have had to replace their showers as the con artist who installed them never filled in under the shower cabinets and the cabinets cracked, causing flooding. Of course the guy has disappeared from the radar so the owners paid over $1000 to have them fixed. Mine is still okay but the base is somewhat wobbly. I am careful to avoid the area around the drain since being told there is just a hole underneath. Maybe I should have a totally new cabinet and shower installed and stand guard to see that the hole is filled in. Can anyone be trusted to do an honest job these days?


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