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15167-AVATAR 22 Jan 2010 3:46pm #1
offline Alienzone88

Member since 22 Jun 2007

Member from Tokoroa

Posts: 86

Are you a rh negative blood group person? Do you know you cannot be cloned.eek.... are you aware of the dangers of having a positive blood group child? are you allergic to many chemicals, & medications? Did you know that if you are a rh neg mother and carry a rh positive baby, your own body will try to kill your foetus....that is the weirdest thingeek....now days they give you an injection containing.....mercury...I had four children, 1st was O- rh neg no problem, 2nd rh neg no prob, 3rd twins O+ rh positive, born very jaundiced & not full term , rh negative stuff was unknown in my day but Dr said have no more children!
I am a rh negative B- blood group, total World Population-weighted mean (total population only 1.39% in the world, 2% of us in NZ.... I had a scan for gallstones many years ago, at the Taumaranui Hospital they gave me a white mixture to drink, going out of the hospital I started scratching my neck which was coming up in red itchy welts..next morning to my horror I had aged 30yrs..thank God it was reversable, it was here I found out I am allergic to radioactive iodine eeeek! needless to say I never went back and cured myself naturally, I am also very allergic to some foods/ drugs/mainly chemicals..did you know that Flouride in your water calcifies the pineal gland among other bad things hmmmm? Did you know if you are a rh neg 0- you are very important indeed, your blood type is a Universal donor, but you unfortunately can only received your own blood group....if war breaks out go & hide!
For answers to these questions and much more helpful information regarding the mysterious origins of rh negative blood groups go here for fact and theory,

45626-Picture0600 24 Apr 2010 9:30am #2
offline Tigger001

Member since 18 Jan 2010

Member from Wellington CBD

Posts: 13

I'm rh-O, havent noticed any sensitivities to medications or chemicals.

9005-joy_2 20 May 2010 10:24am #3
offline Joybel

Member since 02 Nov 2006

Member from Linwood

Posts: 31514

I am Rh negative O group. My group comes from my father and the Rh factor probably my mother. She had four premature births and some miscarriages before I was born. My group is the oldest from the hunter gatherer period. When I had my first daughter she was fine but is also Neg. A. My son was badly jaundiced and it was four days before I was able to see him. Whether he had a blood change or not I was not informed. In those days we were not told much at all. Second daughter was okay.

Luckily for my neg. girl she was given an injection after the birth of her son and the next four were not affected. I was in demand as a blood donor mainly for these Rh Neg. infants. I even had a taxi sent for me. I was a blood donor and gave 50 donations. When menopause set in I lost my courage and retired.

A friends daughter was blood changed while in the womb and could have been the first in NZ to have this done. This lady's sister had 10 pregnancies but never had a live birth. How sad that must have been.
I am a universal donor and can give a donation to all other groups but as Alienzone8 said I can only take O Neg. Fortunately I have not ever needed a transfusion. Interesting subject.

15167-AVATAR 13 Sep 2010 5:53pm #4
offline Alienzone88

Member since 22 Jun 2007

Member from Tokoroa

Posts: 86

Tigger001 you are very fortunate indeedcoolnot to have any allergies

15167-AVATAR 13 Sep 2010 5:57pm #5
offline Alienzone88

Member since 22 Jun 2007

Member from Tokoroa

Posts: 86

Joybel you know all about your blood group re your post, you can see how very important O rh negatives are in time of War/ epidemics, I would run for the hills, in certain countries O- were rounded up against their will and forced to give blood to soldierseek, and not so very long ago I might add...I would hope we are in a more civilized countryneutral ?
Sad about the lady that had 10 miscarriages, thats the imcompatability of mixing rh neg with rh positive blood, its a very very interesting subject indeed :>wink

Blank 14 Sep 2010 10:42am #6
offline Going-Grey

Member since 29 Apr 2010

Member from Northland Region

Posts: 3149

Maybe I'm of a different nature but if I had a `different' blood group to the rest of the country I'd be lining up, like Joybel, to give my blood to help others; especially in war time. biggrin

I travelled to Europe back in the 80s and unfortunately, now, the NZ Red Cross won't accept my blood (was a long-time donor prior to that).

By all accounts there was that out-break of `mad cow disease' in Europe back in the 80s and NZRC no longer accept blood from travellers of that time.

You'd think that after 30 years they'd let up on this ban, but no. sad

And before you comment, Joybel, I don't think MCD has anything to do with my state of mind. I was like that before I went to Europe! lol

I don't know if the `ban' is still in effect but in the USA they make you take a blood test and certain blood types can't marry each other. Can't remember what group it was now.

8132-joya 11 Oct 2010 9:03pm #7
offline lyingnun

Member since 28 Oct 2006

Member from Invercargill

Posts: 13

I am an A Neg as are all the other females in my immediate family. I don't have any known allergies.
I too was a blood donor for many years but switched to giving platelets only when anaemia became a pronounced issue for me.
Then after three major surgeries I could not get a straight answer from the blood bank about whether I could still donate platelets and have not given any for 4 years now but would be happy to if asked. I am on the bone marrow register too.

Blank 13 Feb 2013 2:56am #8
offline zyanz11

Member since 24 Nov 2009

Member from Mataura

Posts: 3

i was a blue baby (i have no idea what that entails )about all i know is that i was in karitane hospital for a long time.as a child i was often unwell but having a brother who loved the attention he got being sick
i learnt to treat sickness with ignoring it. it didnt cure me but i got great grades at school and now in my 60.s in the last year have had heart problems and a heart attack. thank goodness for the specialist at duniedun hospital im back ten times stronger taking half the amount of pills and loving life. the funny thing about my childhood sickness is
an older family member recently told me that she was told i had some kind of heart defect too late to ask my parents they are both dead
to all parents please be open with children as they grow dont hide information that if given could help them to live a long and healthy life

my partner and i have two adult children and lost through miscarriage 12 before the two that survived our blood groups i am rh neg 0- he is positive and we didnt know this at the time we met

Blank 01 Aug 2013 6:09pm #9
offline carnation

Member since 12 Sep 2007

Member from Palmerston North

Posts: 17

third baby a girl, in National Womens in 1963. I am O neg, she is A pos, had two exchange transfusions after birth. ended up all OK.
Mr Liggins was such a lovely man. Prof Bonham another story......`
Gave many pints`, got Ca, didn't want me. Now I am too old dammit. feel I could still be useful, only 83. cheers

15167-AVATAR 21 Aug 2013 10:49am #10
offline Alienzone88

Member since 22 Jun 2007

Member from Tokoroa

Posts: 86

Well zyanz11 this rh negative blood type is an odd thing...I have researched my family genealogy..on my Father side go back in a straight line, 27 generations to 1060 Normandy......rh negs come through here...on my Mother side also rh negatives,from Europe... now the odd thing is she was a AB negative, the youngest of a family of 11 children.......carrying the rh negative gene, now how the heck did they all survive without modern drugs ie Roghan shot.?neutral I too married a unbeknown to me at the time.. an O positive man..but in saying that he was carrying the rh negative gene as our first two children were okay, both being O rh negative..but my twins were O rh positive...it was only that the Dr brought them into the word at 7mths prem that they survived, as it was they were badly jaundiced.cry.but big strapping men now...although they are O positive they carry the rh negative recessive gene, so one 0 positive son married a rh negative B lady and all their 8 children are rh negative B & 0...fascinating research indeedbiggrin.... in those days over 50yrs ago nothing was known about this incompatibility of blood types.. the Dr just told me not to have any more children..and please people...its an incompatibility of blood NOT a disease.....I have done years of research on this and it cheeses me off that some medical people/sites who should know better call this incompatibility a disease.....poor young mothers don't know where they are hearing that word and it is FALSE!


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