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11505-Photo_00014 08 Feb 2009 9:29pm #13
offline RustyAs

Member since 27 Jan 2007

Member from Waikanae

Posts: 200

For what its worth. Most electric mowers are fine as long as the grass is mowed regularly. If the lawns are looking about 2 inches long its time to mow.
Happy mowing

Blank 20 Feb 2009 11:27am #14
offline Ted E

Member since 06 May 2006

Member from Papakura

Posts: 134

Willy 362 I continue to use old mowers and when I was having real trouble with hips and couldn't pull the starter I took off the cord fitting and use electric drill and adaptor on the flywheel bolt so that I could still do lawns.
I bought a cord electric one for our daughter as when she had an old rusted out bodied Morrison which was heavy to start and new mowers were min $300 and didn't want to have her pulling to no avail on old second hand mowers that I couldn't keep going, The little electric bought off Trade Me for $100 with a safety cutout on the cord and it's quite good on her smaller lawns. Thing to remember is not to mow around the lawn but to mow backwards and forwards away from where the cord is plugged in so the cord doesn't get twisted up and is kept away from the mower. It's only a small diameter but still doens't take much longer than the old petrol one to do the lawns. It's still good for mulching the hedge prunings (up to ¼" dia) as well. You do need to empty catcher more often as it doesn't have the capacity of the bigger dia petrol models.

Blank 20 Feb 2009 11:29am #15
offline Ted E

Member since 06 May 2006

Member from Papakura

Posts: 134

PS if the lawn gets away from you set the wheels down to lift the blade up a bit and mow it twice to take off the growth. leave a few days between first and second cut so the the plants are not to shocked by the sudden loss of leaf. Try not to cut the crown out of the grass plant.

Blank 20 Jul 2009 12:43pm #16
offline Gladys

Member since 28 Aug 2007

Member from Albany

Posts: 10

I bought an Enviromower in February and am delighted with it so far. I have a large section (800 sq metres) which gets very wet in winter. In the summer I mowed every 5 or 6 days but it only took about 90 mins which is n ot bad because I am not that fast moving. The winter wet doesn't cause as many problems as for old mowers because this one is so light it doesn't sink in to the mud. I did buy an extra battery ($120) so that I can be sure of having enough power to do the whole lawn at once. When the grass is a bit long the battery life is shortened. My only criticism so far is that it doesn't mower right to the end so I have more edges to do than I did before.

UPDATE June 2011
I have to say that I am now very disappointed in my mower. The mower itself still works as well as ever but I am now in the position of having to replace the batteries at almost $300 for two (which I need). They do not hold their charge and are basically worn out. I have spoken to Briggs and Stratton (who own Victa) and have had no satisfaction. They told me to go back to Mitre 10 because I should never have been sold this mower for my purposes. I have not done so as yet. Its such a shame because its a great mower but I wonder how many people realise that they have to replace batteries so often. I have now bought a Bosch with a Lithium Ion battery so will see how that goes. Its a lot more expensive but in the end the battery life is supposed to be a lot longer and it recharges in under an hour as opposed to the 48 hour recharge on the enviromower.

Blank 25 Oct 2009 12:33pm #17
offline nzchick

Member since 24 Oct 2009

Member from Auckland

Posts: 2

Interesting discussion on these mowers.... as I always wondered how good they really are.


Blank 29 May 2010 8:21pm #18
offline bike

Member since 16 Feb 2009

Member from Palmerston North

Posts: 6

I own an enviromower now for 8years still using original battery.Mainly for small lawns.If lawn is overgrown start at high setting cut lawn then lower and go over again.


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