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25824-Enliven_Logo_small 15 Oct 2008 10:38am #1
offline Tracy Kenyon

Member since 22 Jul 2008

Member from Auckland

Posts: 2

Hello everyone,

I am the Befriending Manager for Presbyterian Supports volunteer programme.

We are a non profit so always scraping the barrel for funds.

We are holding a small christmas bbq at cornwall park for our volunteers and for them to bring a client but we need some help or sponsorship.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to who will help. It is only a small gathering and i do not foresee it costing more than $160. I have already written to Tegel, cadbury, coca cola etc and their funds are already allocated.

Blank 28 Nov 2008 1:58pm #2
offline GrownUps User

Member since 12 May 2008

Member from Cambridge

Posts: 2630

Post deleted at 02 Dec 2008 10:57pm by Rata

Blank 26 Sep 2010 2:06pm #3
offline deedee777

Member since 03 Sep 2008

Member from Gisborne

Posts: 4

have you tried pub charities?as long as it's a community based project they usually give the funds,or you could try eastland community trust. good luck with your fundraiser.wink

15770-DSC00113 02 Oct 2010 10:28am #4
offline Beauty

Member since 29 Jul 2007

Member from Milford

Posts: 1061

Post deleted at 02 Oct 2010 10:29am by Beauty

55248-Leighton_001 22 Oct 2010 7:55pm #5
offline leig001

Member since 14 Oct 2010

Member from Kaeo

Posts: 8

Hi Tracy,
If you go to your local Library and use their free computer. Call up Fund View and go through the steps and it will give you a list of the Funders that will provide Funds for all sorts of types of projects.
Some tips when writing up an application.
Give them as much information that you can, even if it seems trivial to you.
Are you an incorporated Society? Tell them and include a copy of the Cert.
Send in photos of what you want to do.(as they say a photo speaks a thousand words)
If you have a budget send in a copy (or do one up on excel showing how your costs are broken down)
Include a supplementary sheet stating anything else you can think of and print it on coloured paper. (It catches the eye)
Choose the Funders that give funds out monthly otherwise you may get the funds but it could be well after the event.
And finally if you don't succeed the first time don't give up. I have just applied (over the past 2 months) for $187,000 for 3 Trusts that I belong to but because we are located in Northland I have received a total of $9300 but I keep trying.

Good luck


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