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Blank 14 Oct 2008 5:42pm #1
offline blackcat

Member since 09 Sep 2008

Member from Manukau Central

Posts: 19

Post deleted at 24 Oct 2008 8:57pm by blackcat

4404 18 Oct 2008 4:23pm #2
offline Pixie

Member since 14 Jul 2006

Member from Kawerau

Posts: 770

I don't know anything about this condition but am using the thread because I can't find anywhere else to post my question which is: Does anyone have side effects from taking Losec? Cheers Pixie

11679-mona_manuel_resize 18 Oct 2008 4:59pm #3
offline Mona

Member since 02 Feb 2007

Member from Mangere Central

Posts: 10395

Hi Pixie,I have been on Losec for Four years,and as of yet have had no side effects what so ever.Have you zapped into their web sites.I always do that on any medication the DRs give me.I need to know what to expect,and what not to.Sometimes my DR. is too busy,or mainly I forget to ask the right questions.biggrinbiggrinbiggrin Just zap in Losec and Google does the rest.

4404 18 Oct 2008 8:03pm #4
offline Pixie

Member since 14 Jul 2006

Member from Kawerau

Posts: 770

Thanks for answering, Mona. It's just recently I seem to have either too much saliva in my mouth or I have a dry mouth. Just wondered if it might be the Losec. I must say my tumtum is nicely settled now.I will go to the website and have a look.

27919-web_cam 24 May 2009 7:21pm #5
offline palma

Member since 15 Sep 2008

Member from Timaru

Posts: 13

has anyone got peripheral neuropathy or know any thing about it

35961-horse_avatar 27 May 2009 10:34pm #6
offline Supergold

Member since 09 May 2009

Member from Wainuiomata

Posts: 3661

Hi palma
If you google 'peripheral neuropathy' there are a number of sites where you can explore this subject.
Good luck


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