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12052-tess_and_Peter_August_2011_1 05 Nov 2011 11:16am #3601
offline dinkydi

Member since 19 Feb 2007

Member from Nelson

Posts: 1387

wink I like the mix used as a topping for the apples.
I too have a couple of Alison Holst's books, she gives a straightforward recipe which is easy to followl.
Some of the Googled American recipes need a bit of interpretation. I found out that a stick of butter which is often stated lollollolis 4 ounces

4688-015___Copy 06 Nov 2011 5:03pm #3602
offline pearly

Member since 30 Jul 2006

Member from Omokoroa

Posts: 2528

I now have a really old country womans institute cooking book, fabolous recipes in there.was passed down to me from my dear old aunt who got near the 100 yr old mark. enjoying looking through itrazz

9005-joy_2 11 Dec 2011 7:37am #3603
online Joybel

Member since 02 Nov 2006

Member from Linwood

Posts: 31522

On my 52 yearold daughters facebook page. She lives in USA.

If Growing up in NZ was hopscotch, four square, bull rush and backyard cricket, jumping in puddles with gumboots on, slip’n’slides & putting water on the trampoline (or the sprinkler under it). “Big bubbles, no troubles” with Hubba Bubba chewing gum, Mr Whippy cones on warm summer nights after you’ve chased him round the block, lollies were 5 cents & you created your own mixtures. Pretend.....................ing to smoke “fags” (the lollies) was really cool! A dollars’ worth of chips from the corner take-away fed two people, the sauce was free!!! & going into town seemed like going somewhere. When after school was spent with Jason Gunn & Thingy and Suzy Cato, and WhatNow was on Sunday mornings. Running til you were out of breath & laughing til your stomach hurt. You went to the school pool without a key, but that was fine because your friend let you in. Eating Traffic Light Popsicles and Raro from the packet. When you didn’t sleep a wink on Christmas Eve, you tried to wait up for the tooth fairy and $5 was hitting the jackpot of pocket money. Remember when decisions were made by going “eenie, meanie, miney, mo” or with paper scissors rock. “Race issues” meant who ran the fastest and money issues were handled by the banker in monopoly. The worst thing you could catch from a boy/girl was cooties and taking drugs was orange flavoured vitamin c’s. Nothing was P.C but we turned out just fine. If this is a childhood you remember, like this..

19403-koru_fave 11 Dec 2011 1:29pm #3604
offline Kai

Member since 04 Jan 2008

Member from

Posts: 5276

That sounds so neat Joybel and SO familiar.. I love the remi threads and wish I had more time to addlol

Cheers Kai

4688-015___Copy 19 Dec 2011 9:36pm #3605
offline pearly

Member since 30 Jul 2006

Member from Omokoroa

Posts: 2528

like that posting Joybel.thats exactly what we did.
sports day at school we had sugar sack races.quite funny buying those cig lollies, made me laugh that did. for 1d we got a huge bag of tom thumbs. cheers pearlyrazz

Blank 20 Dec 2011 11:35am #3606
offline gaye-belle

Member since 28 May 2008

Member from Wrights Bush

Posts: 7999

Great to see this thread revived. smile

I was just thinking of this time of year when we as children used to follow the Salvation Army band, playing Christmas carols on the back of a truck.
Not only was it wonderful to sing along with them, but to be out 'after dark'. Being doubled on mum's sports bike, embarressed as it had squeaky brakes, but we had to keep up with the truck! wink

36678-Seasons 21 Dec 2011 6:57pm #3607
offline Gigglebyte

Member since 28 May 2009

Member from Wallaceville

Posts: 2977

used to get so excited when I heard them playing !

4688-015___Copy 24 Dec 2011 1:31pm #3608
offline pearly

Member since 30 Jul 2006

Member from Omokoroa

Posts: 2528

the music use to draw us out of the house and listen and as kids we would always run down the street to where the next stop was.
gaye-belle those bikes were something out of this world also front brake on handles and back brake on the pedal,and you did use to have to jam them on hard to stop,and then they juddered to a halt.
Hubby and I were talking about coloured pencils just yesterday and when he was little how he took pride and care in looking after his .just sharpening them so much and colour in careful to make them last ,and put them away in the little box he had for next time. rubbers were special too when you first got one. We used crusts of bread. Did anyone else use crusts of bread? cheers pearly.
while im here have a Happy Christmas and New Year take care .razz

4289-we3 24 Dec 2011 3:12pm #3609
offline Justme

Member since 10 Jul 2006

Member from Papatoetoe

Posts: 274

I used bits of bread for a rubber. It was only good for pencils. The ink needed something more agressive. What about the old nib pens and inkwells. There used to be ink monitors if I remember rightly. You were really grown up when using ink. Remember the old blotting paper also. Those that were lucky had a fountain pen. surprisedeeklol

36440-P1010804 24 Dec 2011 3:24pm #3610
offline ansy pansy

Member since 22 May 2009

Member from Opotiki

Posts: 5309

How the boys dipped the girls' pigtails in the inkwells.
and how the nibs used to break if you pressed too hard. You were left with two vicious points that were ideal for engraving names and other stuff on your desk. Or worse, a piece of furniture at home. Oh boy, what a paddywhacking I got for that.rolleyesrolleyesrolleyesrolleyesrolleyes

36678-Seasons 03 Feb 2012 6:59pm #3611
offline Gigglebyte

Member since 28 May 2009

Member from Wallaceville

Posts: 2977

When I was a little girl I used to have tea parties where I would serve pretend tea (In reality lime juice) to my guests,mostly selected toys and whichever devoted adults were around. Have tasted the stuff as an adult and I think Yuk! What things people do for children sometimes...........

19403-koru_fave 03 Feb 2012 9:48pm #3612
offline Kai

Member since 04 Jan 2008

Member from

Posts: 5276

I buy a few retro NZ books when I can for Research, and one of the places does their prices with felt tip pen strokes sort of like !!!thru the book part opposite the spine??

I want to be able to get rid of those cos they mark the book ..

Any suggestions please???

There are also magazines at another place,,,they mark with permanant marker the price on the front ..
With those the word permanant tells me its there to stay..

has any one else had this prob>??

Anyone else doing research and reminscing nz in the 60s and 70s or maybe even the 50s? Would love to hear ..

Cheers Kai


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