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Blank 28 Jan 2007 10:08pm #13
offline Pollyann

Member since 25 Jan 2007

Member from Kimbolton

Posts: 5

I have Incredimail and Norton and get very little spam. The only ones that seem to slip through are selling shares or gold. I just bounce them back to sender and delete. Maybe if I had decent internet connection I might get more, but living in a rural area it is very slow and there is no such thing as broadband out here.

6048-Browsing_Abroad_1_1 29 Jan 2007 2:33pm #14
offline bobbity

Member since 14 Sep 2006

Member from Glenfield

Posts: 5558

Hello Pollyann..welcome to the site.
when you say bounce back to sender do you mean send a reply?
When I do that I always get a failure to send notice..i guess this is because they don't want to get abusive emails in return for their persistency, so they make it impossible to reply..

Blank 29 Jan 2007 8:09pm #15
offline olwen

Member since 16 Apr 2006

Member from Grovetown

Posts: 24

No point in doing anything that goes back to the sender, most spam is invented email addresses. I have a few domains and have seen many bounces to email addresses on my domains that don't exist. The emails being bounced from what I can tell come from trojaned computers all over the world.


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