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Blank 01 Jul 2008 9:28am #1
offline eneri

Member since 12 Jan 2007

Member from Taipa

Posts: 79

Our lab/staff cross gets very scared
shakey and glassy eyed in bad weather - heavy rain, hail, thunder or lightening. He gets agitated - paces around, gets around my legs under the computer table, jumps up on the bed etc. We have had many a night disturbed by this and it normally starts 30 mins before the bad weather arrives. Any suggestions on what would calm him down would be most appreciated. Thanks

9005-joy_2 01 Jul 2008 9:58am #2
offline Joybel

Member since 02 Nov 2006

Member from Linwood

Posts: 31532

He sounds a bit like me, eneri, except his keen hearing picks it up from miles away. You may have to seek professional advice on this one. I close the drapes and turn the TV on.

Blank 08 Jul 2008 7:36pm #3
offline Shy1

Member since 13 Apr 2008

Member from Piopio

Posts: 51

Hi eneri Have you ever tried giving him some Homoeopathic Rescue Remedy. This has remarkable effects at calming down nervous animals & humans. Worth a try. You can buy it at most chemists. All the best.

Blank 09 Jul 2008 10:05am #4
offline P303

Member since 07 May 2008

Member from Auckland

Posts: 6

I agree with Unicorn. Rescue Remedy seems to work a charm. I have used it on my dog, who also gets really nervous and pacing when thereis thunder and heavy rain. I also create a 'caven' by putting a blanket over some items of furniture and she crawls under it. This seems to help a little too - I guess it is a little reminiscent of being out in the wild and hiding in a cave. Good luck.

Blank 09 Jul 2008 10:28am #5
offline eneri

Member since 12 Jan 2007

Member from Taipa

Posts: 79

Thanks for that - tried the hidey hole idea - didnt work - he wanted to be right close to us at all times - but will try the remedy.

Blank 09 Jul 2008 10:28am #6
offline eneri

Member since 12 Jan 2007

Member from Taipa

Posts: 79

Blank 14 Jul 2008 9:10pm #7
offline shabby

Member since 27 Jun 2008

Member from Wakefield

Posts: 1

Hi eneri, I have heard not to moddicodle your pet through distressing times, such as thunder, fireworks etc, but to make it a fun time and perhaps play a bit of ruff and tumble on the lounge floor or something like that and try to make the experience a happy one so that the next time this happens your dog can associate this loud noise with something fun. You may have to try it a few times, or even every time this happens. Haven't had to try myself as our dogs aren't scared of loud noises. Hope this helps, Good luck.

Blank 18 Jul 2008 9:58pm #8
offline lcl2

Member since 18 Jul 2008

Member from Sunnynook

Posts: 1

Hi I have a wee terrier X who has panic attacks when thunder rolls. He walks arounf panting and get very anxious. We have had a few restless nights where he has jumped on the bed and panted all oer me for most of the night. I have found the best thing is to just let him sit near me and talk to him. there is nothing we can do to stop the attacks so he rides them out OK knowing we are here, Porr boy he hates bad weather and loud bangs

Blank 21 Jul 2008 8:58am #9
offline waltonnz

Member since 25 Mar 2006

Member from Hamilton

Posts: 67

Please stay calm and unfrightened yourself and completely ignore the animal. Do not talk to him, look at him, touch him or acknowledge him in any way. Go about your jobs as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Just completely ignore the bad weather. This is what his mother would do if she was there. I've had dogs all my life and none of them reacted in bad weather with this approach. My daughter's dog who is terrified of thunder, when left in my care, reacted well with this approach. It may seem unkind, but it's better for the animal. Good luck.

24939-Sonny_701 06 Aug 2008 7:54pm #10
offline alig

Member since 04 Jul 2008

Member from Hawera

Posts: 14

I would also recommend Sedapet which is a natural remedy that you can buy from the vets. All you do is spray it in your dog's mouth and it starts acting very quickly. My friend gives it to her little dog that has fits when there is an electrical storm many times and it has only not worked once. I also use it on my cat who gets very stressed out over some very ordinary things. It is an excellent spray. I would also suggest you let the dog stay with you as he is seeking your protection. If he gets up on the bed next to you put something over him like a towel and reassure him by talking to him. As someone else says if it is early evening ... draw the curtains and put the TV or radio on. Alison

Blank 13 Aug 2008 11:09pm #11
offline kiki dee

Member since 13 Aug 2008

Member from Woodville

Posts: 2

You could also try a sound therapy cd, these cds are available to help your pet overcome his/her's sound phobias. You can buy ones that have all different noises such as storms, fireworks, gunshots etc. They help to desentise your dog to the noise, that it is afraid of. You basically start by playing the cd at a very low volume and if your dog is comfortable with that level, you turn the volume up slightly and so on. If you dog becomes agitated, you reduce the volume back to the level, at which your dog was comfortable at and repeat the process over again. So eventually your dog will become used to the noise. Again, just ignore your dog don't make a big deal if it becomes frightened, the worst thing you can do is pat or cuddle your dog when it is frightened. If you do, you will be praising it for being scared. In other words you will reinforce the behaviour.

Blank 14 Aug 2008 10:57am #12
offline P303

Member since 07 May 2008

Member from Auckland

Posts: 6

Recently I was caught out walking my dog in bad weather (rain, wind and some thunder rumblings - no bad cracks) and my dog did not seem half as aggritated as she is when indoors. So I have to agree with your comment Shabby; she loves to be out walking and it certainly seem to take her mind off the weather. Of course, it isn't the most enjoyable way for my to enjoy the walk!!!


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