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18973-Dove 25 May 2008 12:04pm #1
offline DizzyDaisy

Member since 12 Dec 2007

Member from Whangarei

Posts: 319

Curious to know if other people are watching less television, due in main to the amount of advertising. It is not only the all too frequent interuption, but the fact that so many adverts are repetitive and far too long. Those with a social/community message - mental health, road safety, etc., due to the number of times screened, for me reach saturation point, and I mentally switch off.

14229-kwicks_copy 24 Jul 2008 11:11pm #2
offline Kwixy

Member since 27 May 2007

Member from Waitakere

Posts: 127

I don't watch a lot of television Doris, but when
I do, I aways have a crossword puzzle or a codebreaker puzzle on my knee and when the adverts. come on the screen, I concentrate on the puzzle. So, what I am saying is that I switch off all advertisments. Sometimes I miss bits of the actual program that I was watching because I forget to switch back on in time!

36678-Seasons 26 Dec 2009 9:56pm #3
offline Gigglebyte

Member since 28 May 2009

Member from Wallaceville

Posts: 2939

I don't watch a lot of tv but if something is on that I want to watch,then I put up with the ads. I can use ad time to get things done. I don't think that the ads attract me to the products that they are advertising.

14302-Blue_hills 16 Jan 2010 5:24pm #4
offline Kari

Member since 31 May 2007

Member from Feilding

Posts: 2126

I don't like it when they play the same silly commercial twice in a row, or over and over in the course of an hour-long programme. I get up and make a cuppa or do the dishes or other small tasks till the commercial break is over. Sometimes I'm surprised what I can get done in a three or four- minute time slot!

Blank 06 Jun 2010 3:44pm #5
offline Going-Grey

Member since 29 Apr 2010

Member from Northland Region

Posts: 3149

I love the mute button. smile

I rarely watch ads unless something `special' leaps out at me and I'll see what it's about.

I hate the blaring music, shouting and silly antics of the people in them.

Sometimes you can't even work out what is being advertised! biggrin

I record a lot of stuff and watch it when I want. That way I can whiz through the advertising. wink

It cracks me up too, that the drink/drive messages are always played at a time when those who need to see the message are out boozing! rolleyes


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