Frequent UTIs? Learn how to prevent them naturally

Suffering from frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) is uncomfortable and can interfere with your quality of life. Women are more likely to suffer from frequent UTIs than men and most cases are caused by bacteria. There are two things which cause UTIs – having outside bacteria getting pushed into the urethra, or when bacteria already in the bladder multiply to unhealthy levels.

What does a UTI feel like?

240_f_162240635_yfihkfiqxbpcmepwa0vtlgcx3m2npjhdUTIs create a frequent or intense urge to urinate, even though little comes out when you do. Infections also cause a burning sensation when you urinate, pressure in the back or lower abdomen and cloudy or strange-smelling urine. You may also feel pressure above your pubic bone or in the rectum. The infection can move up the urinary tract into the bladder or even into the kidneys which can cause a lot of pain, nausea and fever. Flushing out bacteria from the bladder is the best way to keep infection at bay. If you get frequent UTIs, there are a range of natural ways to help prevent them.

Keeping frequent UTIs at bay the natural way

There are many tips available which proclaim to prevent UTIs naturally, some good and others, well you might want to avoid trying them.  Of course, if you suspect you have a UTI, see your doctor immediately and follow their advice.

  • Water: Be sure to always drink plenty of water as it keeps urine diluted. This means bacteria has less chance of grouping together and causing problems. Keeping well hydrated also means you urinate more often which helps to flush the walls of the urethra, where bacteria may be hiding.
  • Make sure you don’t hold on: This allows bacteria to grow instead of being flushed out. Make sure you wear breathable underwear made from cotton and avoid tight pants made from synthetic fabrics. Don’t wear damp clothing – get changed straight after your swim or work out.
  • Good bacteria: Eat foods that promote good gut health. These include plain yoghurts with active cultures that help keep your gut full of healthy bacteria. Fermented foods also restore your body’s natural flora including kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha. Consider taking probiotics which help put up a line of defence against bacteria. Apple cider vinegar is another useful tool to naturally treat frequent UTIs.
  • Eat well: Try to avoid an overly processed diet with too much sugar. Eating refined sugar creates an environment where bacteria will thrive and multiply, making infection more likely. Try to stick to natural sources of sugar like fresh fruit, decrease alcohol consumption and consider taking nutritional supplements like cranberry extract which is well known for preventing frequent UTIs.

There are many ways to prevent frequent UTIs naturally. If you drink plenty of fluids and stick to foods that promote good bacteria, your body will put up a good defence to fight off pesky UTIs.