New Zealand’s best outdoor yoga retreats

It’s no secret that yoga and meditation are best practiced outdoors. Feeling the sun on your face and the grass beneath your feet can help to ground you and enhance the flow of positive energy through your body. Reconnecting with nature is one of the best ways to reconnect with yourself.

New Zealand is world-renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, from sweeping mountain ranges to crystal clear beaches. As such, it’s no wonder that the area has become a hotspot for wellness retreats. Here are some of the most scenic spots in New Zealand where you can go to practice yoga.

Abel Tasman National Park

This park is best known for its sandy white beaches, home to sandbars and tide pools with unique native wildlife hiding around every corner. You can stare out across crystal clear waters as you work on your strength training routine, or take a break and catch some sun as you relax. Abel Tasman is also home to granite cliffs that house hidden mountainside retreats such as Split Apple and the remote Peppers Awaroa Lodge, which can only be reached by kayak, helicopter, water taxi, or by foot.

Lake Wakatipu

Located just a 45-minute drive from Queenstown in the South Island, this inland lake offers views from all directions of evergreen forests and frosty mountaintops. The spectacular alpine scenery can help to clear your head and open your mind as you breathe in the fresh air around you. Lake Wakatipu is home to one of New Zealand’s most popular resorts, the Aro Hā Wellness Retreat. Guests can engage in solo or group yoga, or they can relax with a nature hike, a therapeutic massage, or an afternoon in a Finnish sauna.

Hawkes Bay

Hawke’s Bay is not known just for its pristine beaches, but also for its wineries. The region is surrounded by green fields, lush farmland, and quaint vineyards. You can spend some time getting back in touch with your roots as you meditate and practice yoga. The Hawke’s Bay area is also an excellent place to take an afternoon off for fine food or a wine-tasting session.


This quaint coastal town attracts yoga enthusiasts from across the globe each year thanks to its bright green coastline and deep blue waters. Visitors can experience the best of both terrestrial and ocean life, including whale watching and swimming with seals. Kaikoura offers the perfect place to connect with nature as you work on your mindfulness and meditation.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to re-energize your yoga routine, consider booking a retreat to New Zealand. The unparalleled natural beauty of mountains meeting the seaside offers the perfect destination for you to relax, revitalize, and rejuvenate.