Places you’ve never thought to travel to but should

Searching for that next holiday destination? Most of us have checked out the usual suspects: maybe Sydney, London, and Fiji. If you’re after something a little bit different from the regular, then you’ll be happy to check out these other international travel destinations.

They’ve been handpicked for their ease of getting around, climates, attractions, and natural beauty.


Sure, you’ve done Melbourne and Sydney, but have you ever thought about heading over to Adelaide? Often forgotten when it comes to Aussie tourism, there’s a lot to love about this small city and its surrounds.

Take a trip out to the Barossa Valley, or McLaren Vale, for some delicious wine tastings, goes on a city tour to see the beautiful buildings, head out to Kangaroo Island to meet the roos, or go out on a cruise down the Murray River. The city is quiet and is relatively inexpensive to stay, compared to other Australian cities. Go in late Spring or early Autumn for the best weather.

Fly non-stop from Auckland to Adelaide to explore this beautiful region.

Gran Canaria

grancanaria-puertorico-amadores-800x523Remember hearing about the Canary Islands, that Spanish tax haven? It’s also a brilliant destination for travel for some Spanish culture with a permanent beach holiday feel. Located just off the coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are popular with British holidaymakers for good reason.

Visit Gran Canaria, the largest of the Canary Islands, and enjoy the Spanish eateries of Las Palmas, go for a leisurely drive up to the mountains to admire the sweeping views, or lounge on the beach amidst the undulating dunes at Maspalomas. The Canary Islands are warm and sunny year round.

From NZ, your best options are generally to fly to London and then head to the Canary Islands from there.


090-kaleidoscope-of-cultures-body03-rectAfter more of an Asian flavour for your trip? Singapore is a brilliant place to get a taste of Asia without too much of the culture shock that other countries like Thailand and Cambodia can bring. Singapore is a small island city that is clean, bright, and has an exceptional public transport system.

The city features cultures from all over the world, so you can head to places like Little India to get a taste of other cultures while you’re at it.

Do not miss the shopping here on Orchard Road, a trip over to the playful paradise of Sentosa, the zoo’s Night Safari if you’re into animals, or a spot of high tea and a Singapore Sling over at the Raffles hotel. Go during the dry season, generally March to August.

You can reach Singapore via non-stop flights from Auckland and Christchurch.