How to make travel even more enjoyable!


Are you having enough fun traveling? 

The thought of traveling can incite visions of big city adventures and drinks with tiny umbrellas, but all too frequently travellers return home with tales of disaster! Often the cause is over-booking yourself, or forgetting to take time out to experience your holiday. Are you having enough fun when you go on holiday? Here’s some helpful tips to make your next trip more enjoyable.

screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-4-31-50-pmExperience the true destination

Exotic locations can quickly lose their magic if all you do is hole yourself up in a resort all day. As fun as hotels and resorts can be, the more memorable holiday fun-times will usually come from experiencing the unique local culture of your destination.

To get the most out of your travel, get out in the world and start conversations with local people! Basic levels of English are spoken around the world, and in combination with body language, communication is easier than you think. If conversation isn’t your thing, spend some time sitting and watching the world go by – you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn by bringing your attention to the sights, smells and sounds of the place.

Improvise a little

Having a comprehensive travel plan can inhibit, rather than encourage, your time away! Take a step back from the rigorous itinerary and enjoy a touch of improvisation. Pick just one or two must-see locations or activities, and spend more of your time away going with the flow and enjoying yourself. One of the biggest complaints of returning holiday makers is that they simply tried to pack too much in, and left no space for relaxing and being on holiday!

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t see every sight – but it will be a holiday to remember (for all the wrong reasons) if you spend the entire trip stressed, rushing and waiting in queues. Schedule in plenty of free time and see how much more fun you have!

Create fun memories

Holidays are indefinite, but the memories can last a life time! A big part of the fun is having those memories to look back upon and share with your friends and family when you get home. So take the time to make them fun and interesting.

Take selfies, jump shots, imitate sculptures and just generally be as goofy as you like. Acting like a crazy person in front of the camera can lead to some of the best photos, and entertains everyone else in the process! Be comfortable in your skin and enjoy creating memories in the moment.

Allow yourself time to experience your destination instead of over-planning and cramming too much into your trip. Relax, enjoy yourself and improvise to create spontaneous  and fun memories.